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SpiceJet has been one of the most booked airlines in India. If you have travelled with SpiceJet then you know that the airline prioritises its customers comfort before anything else. One of the many reasons the airline has been a hit in the Indian market is that it is considerably cheaper than the other airlines. SpiceJet commenced its operations back in 2005 and today it has become the second-largest private airline in India. With continuous upscaling of its operations, the airline now operates in every part of India. Earlier SpiceJet only offered economy class travel, but those days are long gone now as you also have the luxury of travelling in the premium or business class of the airline now. The airline also has diversified its services. SpiceXpress is the cargo division of the airline. It was launched only last year in 2018 and only operated in the route of Delhi and Bengaluru. But soon SpiceJet became the first airline to offer freight services between Northeast India and Southeast Asia. SpiceJet Offers are yet another interesting part of the airline. All of the SpiceJet offers are termed under, ‘Red. Hot. Spicy’ tag and rightly so, because they are really good for the customers.


SpiceJet Offers On Flights

When you are booking a flight from any of the airlines, the first thing that you check is the offers that are currently valid. This winter, SpiceJet has some really good offers for you. When you are booking a flight with SpiceJet for the coming months, don’t forget to check the offers. The first offer is - up to 40% off on FLIGHT+HOTELS combo. You don’t need any promo code for this offer. If you are booking your flight before 15th January 2020, you will be availed with this offer automatically. But there is a catch, the offer is only applied for people who are booking their flights from the spicevacations.com. There are no limitations on the travel date. You just need to book your flight before the last date of the offer to get its perks.

SpiceJet Offers Only Comply With Certain Banks

One noticeable thing is that almost every offer from the airline is bundled with a bank. One of the SpiceJet Offer that you can avail is - Rs 1,000 off on bookings made on Tuesday. Now, this offer comes with its unique promo code, ‘FLYINDUS’, so you need to ensure that you have entered the promo code in the right box to get perks. Under this offer, you will be able to enjoy Rs 1000 off from your bookings that you make on any given Tuesday before the last date of the offer which is May 13, 2020. Again, there is a catch here as well. You will only be able to enjoy the perks of the offer if you are completing the payment from the Induslnd bank debit or credit cards.

The Rs 1,000 off from the base fare is applicable for bookings made for round trips. In case you have booked a one-way trip, you will have to be happy with Rs 500 off from the base fare only. In addition to this, when you are booking your flight, you also have to ensure that you are opting for the priority check-in as well, or else you won’t be allowed to use the promo code. The other two SpiceJet offers promo codes are - ‘SCB1000’ and ‘RBL1000’. The former code is valid till February 20, 2020, and the latter code is available till December 31, 2019, only. For the former code, you have to complete the payments from a Standard Chartered bank debit or credit card and for the latter code, you will have to complete the payments from an RBL bank debit or credit card.

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