SpiceJet Zero Cancellation Will Help You Claim Up to Rs 5,000 on Cancelled Trips

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SpiceJet, one of the finest low-cost carriers of India is now offering customers insurance against cancelled flight tickets. The airline has named the service ‘SpiceJet Zero Cancellation’ wherein the customer can be reimbursed up to Rs 5,000 for their cancelled flights. There is no other airline which is offering anything similar to this. But yes, there is IndiGo which offers customers Flexi fares with which the passengers get multiple benefits. One of those benefits is cancellation at a very low fee and changing flight dates without any extra fee.


SpiceJet Zero Cancellation

Let’s take a detailed look into what SpiceJet Zero cancellation actually is. So the airline has basically asked customers to pay Rs 399 extra on the base fare of their flight. You can think of this as a premium for the insurance that you are getting on your flight cancellation.

For providing insurance, the airline has partnered with Liberty General Insurance Ltd. So the next time you are booking a flight for yourself with SpiceJet, you can take advantage of this insurance. The insurance will help you cancel flights with ease and get your money back without any extra hassle.

How to Book Next Flight with Zero Cancellation?

This is a very simple process. The next time you are booking your flight, just select the add-on button ‘Zero Cancellation’ and it will be applied on your purchase. Then all you have to do is complete your flight booking by paying the full amount. After the purchase is successful, you will be sent a policy by the Liberty General Insurance Ltd in the email address you provided while booking your flight.

How to Claim a Refund?

In case you have cancelled your flight booking and you had purchased the ‘Zero Cancellation’ add-on while booking the ticket, you can claim for a refund. Remember, this refund is only for those people who are cancelling their flights and not for those who have missed theirs.

So after you have cancelled your flight, just go to the claim page on the website of SpiceJet. Then click on the ‘Claim Now’ button. You will be prompted to upload some necessary documents. Once done, the refund will be processed against your cancellation within 24-48 hours.

What is not Refunded?

Now there is some part of your money which won’t be refunded to you. That is - a) convenience fee, b) any add-ons that you purchased such as meal on the flight or seats, and c) the amount/premium you paid for ‘Zero Cancellation’. All of this is not covered under the insurance and you can’t claim for the refund of these amounts.

‘SpiceJet Zero Cancellation’ is available on all the flights from the airline but there are some rules. First, the flight should only be booked directly by the airline’s website. No third party booking website or portal is eligible to provide this offer to the customers. Second, all the flights that are booked under this insurance must have the departure date of more than 36 hours from the time of booking.

Documents Required to Claim Refund

There are three documents that you need to provide to the Liberty General Insurance and they are - a) Your SpiceJet flight ticket, b) confirmation of cancellation with the amount that is refunded by SpiceJet, and C) The policy document.

There are more rules and regulations surrounding the policy and the offer which you check out on the website of SpiceJet. One more thing that you should know is that this insurance also covers up to Rs 3,00,000 in case of the passenger’s death or in case of any fatal injury to the passenger which renders him/her permanently disabled.

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