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US Travel Agencies Flight Tickets Sales Increase by 253% Revenue Growth

Last month, the Airlines Reporting Corp (ARC) reported that its certified travel agency plane ticket sales totaled $5.4 billion. From February 2021 to February 2022, this figure has increased by an astounding 253%. It's also a 48% increase month over month. Significant figures ARC is a global leader in air travel intelligence and distribution, delivering channel-agonistic technologies and insights to assist the global travel network connect and flourish. It's a... Read More

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Wizz Air Welcomes Fired P&O Ferries Employees to Recruitment Days

With P&O Ferries' recent and urgent retrenchment, Wizz Air hopes to take advantage of the situation. The airline sees it as a chance to add experienced transportation sector personnel to its own team. As a result, Wizz Air is encouraging affected workers to participate in a recruiting drive coming up soon. P&O Ferries, a British ferry company, announced the mass layoff of 800 employees on Thursday. The laid-off ferry workers... Read More

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The Resumption Process Is Going Well, Says Jet Airways

Jet Airways has provided an update on how far it has progressed in resuming operations. After a new group of promoters, the Jalan-Kalrock Consortium, injected capital into the insolvent airline, the carrier's second stint is anticipated to begin this year. Jet officials are working hard to obtain the essential permissions and are optimistic that regular flights will begin soon. On March 17th, the Jalan-Kalrock Consortium issued an official statement stating... Read More

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Price of ATF Has Risen by 18 Percent, Reaching an All-Time High

After international oil prices climbed to multi-year highs, jet fuel costs were hiked by almost 18% - the biggest ever increase - to all-time high levels on Wednesday. Prices soared over the Rs 1-lakh-per-kilolitre threshold for the first time ever as a result of the rise, which was the sixth in a row this year. According to a price statement by state-owned fuel dealers, aviation turbine fuel (ATF) - the... Read More

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Tata and SIA Infuses $65 Million Into Vistara

Vistara, India's full-service airline, has secured more money from its promoters. This is the latest in a series of monetary infusions, and it comes ahead of the summer schedule. The airline is also growing, with more personnel being hired, more planes being added, and its network being expanded. All of these efforts are likely to be aided by the additional funds in the pot. Vistara's promoters have injected another 500... Read More

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For the 18th Year in a Row, Hawaiian Airlines Becomes the Most Punctual Airline in the U.S

Hawaiian Airlines has been rated the most punctual airline in the United States for the 18th year in a row by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). According to data given by the Department of Transportation last month, the airline was on time for 90.14% of its 60,654 flights in 2021, making it the most punctual American airline. This is the Honolulu-based company's 18th consecutive year receiving the award.... Read More

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Low-Cost Airlines See an Increase in Load Factors

Just a year ago, the world was still trying to figure out what the word Delta Variant meant. The worldwide aviation sector was in a state of flux. Airlines like Ryanair, easyJet, and Wizz were unsure about the crucial summer months ahead in Europe, where low-cost flight is the preferred mode of transportation. Low-cost airlines, on the other hand, are seeing a large growth in load capacity and passenger numbers... Read More

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FAA Is Concerned That 5G Will Cause Issues for Most Boeing 737s

On Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a new airworthiness directive (AD) advising Boeing 737 operators that 5G C-band wireless internet operations might interfere with radio altimeters. Except for the 200 and 200-c series, the warning extends to all Boeing 737 aircraft. The 5G Crisis Continues This is the latest chapter in the 5G crisis, which airlines claim might jeopardise the safe operation of flights near airports. Telecommunications towers... Read More

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Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines Sign MoU for Leading Asia Pacific Travel

Qatar Airways and Malaysia Airlines have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for leading Asia Pacific Travel by strategic co-operation. The new agreement will further facilitate a strategic cooperation that will see both airlines working closely together across multiple areas of the business to offer an unrivalled and range of value-added services to passengers. With the enhanced partnership, both airlines will leverage each other’s network strengths and provide more access... Read More

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Russian Drills: Airlines Alter Flight Schedules to Limit Exposure to Ukraine Airspace

Airlines flying over Ukrainian airspace are altering their schedules and limiting their exposure to the open waters of the Black Sea due to the Russian naval exercises taking place there. Ukraine’s state air traffic service has issued a directive advising airlines to avoid flying over open waters. However, the airlines continue the flights in and out of the country. European airline Ryanair Holdings Plc has announced that it is reducing... Read More

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American Airlines Brings Back Hot-Meals Inside Aircraft

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, American Airlines along with other airlines across the globe had to stop serving hot meals inside the aircraft. Instead, customers were served pre-packed meals and beverages. However, American has now decided to resume offering hot meals to passengers onboard. After a gap of almost two years, American Airlines has decided that it will offer hot-cooked meals to passengers on flights that are of at 3.5... Read More

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UK New Rules Compelling Airlines to Run Useless Flights to Retain Slots

The new rules made by the United Kingdom are going to force airlines to run half-empty and uselessly polluting flights to ensure that they are able to retain their take-off and landing slots. From the current threshold of 50%, the Department of Transport has increased the threshold to 70% of using the slots at busy airports from March 27, 2022. If the airlines are not using their slots 70% of... Read More

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Air India Cancelling Flights at Last Moment Make Passengers Angry, Results in Protests

Air India passengers who were bound to board the flight to the United States (U.S.) on Wednesday were very angry when their flights were cancelled, and the airline didn’t give them any proper reason for the same. Due to the telecom operators Verizon and AT&T switching on 5G using C-band spectrum across the nation, Air India had cancelled flights to the United States. A total of four flights of the... Read More

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Qantas, Jetstar Reduce Flight Operations for Coming Months

Two of the major airlines based out of Australia have reduced their flight operators for the coming months in light of reduced demand for travel and other restrictions. Qantas expects that the domestic capacity for the March 2022 quarter would be at 70% of the pre-COVID levels against the expected 102%. As per a TTRWeekly report, the airlines will be making changes to the schedule so that the number of... Read More

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