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UK Urges Citizens to Avoid Flying With Russian Airlines

Following the decision by Britain's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to place Russia on a safety watchlist, transport minister Grant Shapps stated on Friday that British people should avoid flying with Russian airlines due to safety concerns. "I urge all British nationals to avoid flying with a Russian airline," Shapps said in a statement, adding the CAA had acted "due to our concerns that the Russian authorities are actively promoting unsafe... Read More

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Delta Resumes Flights Between Atlanta and Barcelona

Delta Air Lines is flying to Barcelona from Atlanta again this season, as part of its summer growth ambitions in Europe. This summer, the airline's extensive network across the Atlantic includes several destinations in Spain. Delta is reviving its operations in response to increased passenger demand, resuming several previously halted flights and even adding extra staff to support its expanding operations. From April 2, Delta Air Lines resumed service between... Read More

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Airbus A380 Took Maiden Flight Using 100% Sustainable Fuel Made From Cooking Oil

Airbus is currently utilising its double-decker A380 jumbo-jet as a test-bed for new aviation technology, more than three years after the corporation ceased building it. On March 25, the A380 test plane flew for three hours utilising Sustainable Aviation Fuel in one of its four engines. At 8:43 a.m. local time, an Airbus ZEROe demonstrator aircraft took off from Amsterdam. A second hydrogen-powered test engine will be added at the... Read More

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Vistara to Deploy RFIDAeroCheck Technology for Quicker Scans

Vistara collaborated with ASD, an Irish business, to implement radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for faster scanning of the aircraft's emergency equipment. According to the airline's announcement, aircraft scans may be done in minutes with the RFIDAeroCheck, assuring accurate data and timely information about forthcoming needs. According to the company, an RFID maintenance scan on a Boeing 787 plane (with 288 life jackets on board) can be done in under... Read More

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Air Belgium to Launch Two Routes to South Africa This September

Air Belgium, based in Brussels, plans to establish two lines to South Africa in September, with up to three flights per week travelling to Cape Town and Johannesburg simultaneously. The airline's ambition to offer direct flights to the United States, among other planned route extensions, is a step forward in this regard. Since the second half of last year, Air Belgium has been on a relatively ambitious journey, replacing its... Read More

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To Counteract Rising Fuel Costs, Delta Air Lines Considers Raising the Ticket Fare

Booking a Delta flight may become more expensive in the near future, as the airline considers raising the price of tickets in reaction to increase in fuel prices. Airlines in the United States have little option but to pass on fuel price increases to passengers in the form of higher fares, but they are optimistic that revived interest in travel will help them get through the next few months. Delta... Read More

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Sukhoi SSJ100 Flights Have Increased Significantly in Russia

The increase of SSJ100 flights is based on the most recent schedule file, which was submitted over the weekend. There are currently 70,376 services, up 15% (and 9,203) in only one week. It's also the first time the number of monthly flights has surpassed 10,000, with over 14,000 total. The twin-engine aircraft has never performed nearly as many services. The rise shows that it is due in part to the... Read More

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Spirit Airlines Adds New Route to Oakland From San Diego International Airport

Spirit Airlines has announced that beginning May 25, nonstop service would be available between San Diego International Airport (SAN) and Oakland, California through the Metropolitan Oakland International Airport (OAK). New route For the first time since 2017, Spirit Airlines is introducing a new route from San Diego International Airport. The low-cost carrier will travel from San Diego to Oakland's Metropolitan International Airport once a day. Southwest Airlines is the sole... Read More

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US Airlines Cutting Back on Flights Over Rising Oil Prices

US Airlines have begun to reduce the number of flights they provide to consumers, blaming the rising cost of gasoline, which has been compounded by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Alaska Air announced that in the first half of this year, it will lower its offers by up to 5% due to "sharp increases in fuel expenses." Allegiant Airlines will slash flights by between 5% and 10% in the second quarter,... Read More

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Qatar Airways to Launch Flights to Santorini

Starting on June 7th, Qatar Airways will begin flying to Santorini, Greece. Along with Athens and Mykonos, this will be the third Greek destination for Qatar Airways. In the same week, the airline will resume service to Mykonos. Flights to Santorini beginning in June From June 7th, Qatar Airways will provide three weekly flights between Doha and Santorini. Santorini is the airline's third Greek destination, with flights scheduled every Tuesday,... Read More

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Two New Nigeria Connections Adds to Qatar Airways Network

With the addition of four weekly flights to Kano (KAN), Qatar Airways has expanded its presence in Nigeria. There will also be three weekly flights to Port Harcourt (PHC), all of which will depart from Abuja, Nigeria's capital. Qatar Airways will fly to Kano's Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport (KAN), one of the country's fastest-growing cities and the gateway to the city's rich historical treasures that have lasted millennia. Likewise,... Read More

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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Airline Cancels India-US Planes

Following the shutdown of Russian airspace, some United Airlines flights planned to travel from Mumbai and Delhi have been cancelled, resulting in longer flight times and higher fuel usage. Hundreds of passengers, including many from Kolkata, have been stranded as a result of the abrupt cancellation. According to industry sources, the airline has planned new flights on the sector for which tickets must be acquired again because the flights had... Read More

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Viva Air, a Colombian Airline, Joins the TSA PreCheck Scheme

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will expand its TSA PreCheck scheme to include Colombian low-cost carrier Viva Air. Orlando International Airport and Miami International Airport are currently served by Viva Air. TSA PreCheck TSA PreCheck is an accelerated screening programme that now includes Viva Air, a low-cost airline operating in Medellin.  For aircraft departing from US airports, this service offers quicker security processing. It's only one of the US government's... Read More

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Another Year, Another Problem for the Airline Industry

Just when you think that issues of the airline industry are resolving, another major roadblock arrives. The Indian government would be sitting in the corner relieved that it got done with the sale of Air India when things were a little good. Airlines, not just in India, but across the globe are facing the issues that the rapid spread of the Omicron variant has brought. Multiple flights have been cancelled... Read More

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