Tamil Nadu Airports Quarantine Measures (October 20): Everything You Must Know

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There are a set of quarantine measures that every passenger travelling to a particular state must be updated about. In case you are travelling to any of the airports in Tamil Nadu, then this is for you. The rules of travelling and quarantines keep on changing; thus, it is the passenger's responsibility to check them every time he/she sets out for a journey. Tamil Nadu airports include - Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tuticorin, and Salem airports. The state has set different quarantine rules for both domestic and international passengers. Here is an updated (October 20, 2020) set of Tamil Nadu airports quarantine rules you must know if you are travelling to any of the aforementioned airports.


Tamil Nadu Airports Quarantine Measures

Every passenger will have to go through a mandatory thermal screening. Nasopharyngeal swabs will be collected for passengers who show symptoms of the COVID-19. Even passengers who are asymptomatic can voluntarily get their test done.

Then specifically for domestic passengers; all the passengers coming from different states and union territories will have to undergo a 14 day home quarantine. Passengers who are returning within 72 hours to their own state and visited because of a business purpose will be exempted from quarantine. However, the passenger will need to present a valid return document.

International passengers need to undergo a 14 day home quarantine as well when they visit the state.

At the same time, every passenger visiting Tamil Nadu will have to generate an e-pass which can be obtained via this website — https://tnepass.tnega. Any passenger carrying a negative certificate will still have to get it verified by the health officials by resampling. Every international passenger must carry a negative RT-PCR test if they are coming to Tamil Nadu. The test must be taken within 96 hours of arrival.

Even airlines need to ensure that every passenger travelling has a valid Tamil Nadu e-pass. Personal protective equipment (PPE) gown should be provided to all the middle seat passengers. Every passenger must wear a face shield while inside the plane and must follow social distancing.

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