Top 10 Biggest Passenger Planes in The Sky

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Let’s look at the top 10 biggest passenger planes in the sky today.

10. Airbus A330-300

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The Airbus A330-300 is a twin-engine jetliner which can fly medium to long distances. This aircraft is inspired by the Airbus airliners made in the mid-1970s. Airbus A330-300 was simultaneously built and developed with the four-engined A340 plane. Much recently, Airbus also designed a cargo aircraft which is based on the A330-300. The aircraft can fly at a speed of 532Mph.

9. Airbus A340-300

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Another Airbus aircraft makes it to the list of top-10 biggest passenger planes in the sky today. Just like any other Airbus, the Airbus A340-300 comes with many innovations which set this aircraft apart from every other. It has fly-by-wire flight controls installed to increase the protection of the plane. It also reduces the total weight of the aircraft and reduces the cost of operating it. The aircraft is designed with unique carbon fibre materials to save fuel. The Airbus A340 has an impressive range of between 6,700 to 9000 nautical miles. On a standard flight, this aircraft can fly 375 passengers at a time.

8. Airbus A340-500

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The Airbus A340-500 was developed way back in the 2000s. Its initial deliveries started in 2002. The aircraft is manufactured in France and has a capacity of flying 372 passengers at a time in the single class seating arrangement and with the double class, the aircraft can carry 313 passengers at a time. It is a 223 feet long airliner and can comfortably fly up to a distance of 10,358 miles in a go. Earlier it was considered as the longest-range commercial aircraft till the time Boeing 777-200LR made its entry into the market.

7. Airbus A350-900

Airbus A350-900
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The Airbus A350-900’s first look came to the market on January 15, 2015. Qatar Airways had showcased to the world the new aircraft from Airbus. It is a 325 seater wide-body aircraft which is one of the new generation Airbus models. It can range up to 19-hour flights in one go. Talking about the maximum capacity of the plane, a total of 440 people can sit on it. The aircraft is made from plastic components, and it is one of the reasons why it has impressive fuel efficiency.

6. Boeing 777-200LR

Boeing 777-200LR
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The Boeing 777-200LR is one of the long-range aircraft which entered the market way back in 2006. It was specially designed to support the concept of long-haul flights. It currently holds the world record for the longest flight by a commercial airline. On its two-class system, it can carry over 400 passengers, and on its single class, it can accommodate 440 people. Two major airlines which use this aircraft are Delta Airlines and Emirates.

5. Airbus A340-600

Airbus A340-600
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Another Airbus A340 cuts it to the list of top 10 biggest passenger planes in the sky. It is stretched version of the Airbus A340 and the largest aircraft of Airbus. The plane has a capacity of accommodating 380 people. It can travel up to 13,900 km and is considered as one of the biggest passenger planes in the world. It launched back in August 2002 when the aircraft was first used to fly between the London, Heathrow airport and JFK, New York. The Airbus A340-600 has a 208-foot wingspan.

4. Boeing 777-300

Boeing 777-300
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It is again a large aircraft, and that is why made it to the list of top 10 biggest passenger planes in the sky. The Boeing 777-300 can carry up to 550 people at a time on its single class seating arrangement, and on its double-class seating arrangement, the aircraft can carry up to 451 passengers. It has a range of 6,031 miles and can fly up to the speed of 590mph. It is also a stretched version of the Boeing 777 and it 242 feet long.

3. Boeing 747-400

Boeing 747-400
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The Boeing 747-400 is arguably the most successful model from Boeing. It is the most demanded aircraft from the Boeing family. It was built from the Boeing 747s. If there is a three-class configuration, it can accommodate 416 passengers. If its a two-seat configuration flight, it can accommodate 524 passengers and on its single-seat configuration, the aircraft can carry 660 passengers. It can travel up to a range of 7,260 miles.

2. Boeing 747-8

Boeing 747-8
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The reason why Boeing 747-8 made it to the list of top 10 biggest passenger planes in the sky is that it has been designed in a double-deck configuration with a very broad body. It has possibly overshadowed all the commercial passenger jets in the world today. The design of the aircraft is very modern and improved to make it fuel-efficient and lighter. In the single-class seating arrangement, this aircraft can accommodate 700 passengers, and on its double class seating arrangement, it can accommodate 600 people. It has a range of 8,000 miles.

1. Airbus A380-800

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The Airbus A380-800 is the king of the list of top 10 biggest passengers planes in the sky. It is a wide-body airliner launched back in 2007. The international media named the aircraft as super-jumbo jet given the size of the aircraft. Emirates is one of the airlines which uses this aircraft. In a standard Emirates A380-800 aircraft, 853 passengers can be accommodated in the single economy-class seating and 644 passengers in the two-class seating arrangement. This aircraft has a range of 8,208 miles.

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