Top 5 Planes In The World Which Have Changed The Way People Fly

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The kind of aircraft that you are boarding will have a significant impact on your overall flight experience. Most of us never pay attention to the type of aircraft which we are boarding. If you notice in your next few flights with different airlines, chances are, the economy class in both the airlines will differ quite significantly. There is a chance though that there may be no difference because the airlines might be using the same aircraft. But if you are lucky and book with an airline which uses different kind of aircraft than your previous one, you will be able to note the differences. If you want to have excellent flight experience, here are the top 5 planes in the world that you should always choose above others for travelling.


1. Airbus A350

The Airbus A350 makes it comfortably in the list of top 5 planes in the world. People love travelling in this aircraft. There is a good reason, though. The engine doesn’t make any noise because its a fuel-efficient twin-engine and thus makes it a favourable option for long haul flights. The windows are bigger, and the ceilings are high, making it comfortable for tall people as well. The Airbus A350 boasts of modernism; it is equipped with mood lighting and the latest entertainment systems. You also get Wi-Fi facilities. The seats in the economy class are in the configuration of 3-3-3. There is a pretty wide cabin so you can stretch out some if you need! Some of the major airlines which are using the Airbus A350 are Finnair, Delta, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa, and many more.

2. Airbus A220

The Airbus A220 is a tiny aircraft with a seat count just over 100, and yet it makes it to the top 5 planes in the world list. The best thing about this aircraft is its facilities. Even though it is short, it has mood lighting, the best entertainment systems, and very comfortable seats. The aircraft is Wi-Fi enabled and also has USB outlets so you can conveniently charge your devices. It has a hushed engine so you can expect your journey to be peaceful. The aircraft can fly over 3,000 miles in a single go making it an excellent aircraft to board. Some of the airlines which use it currently are Delta, Swiss, Korean Air, airBaltic, and Air France etc.

3. Boeing 767

Boeing manufactures some of the best planes in the world as well. To list Boeing 767 in the top 5 planes in the world is a must. Even though it is an older aircraft, it still works like magic. One of the best things about the aircraft is its 2-3-2 seat configuration for the economy passengers. There is only one middle seat in every row. The overhead bins of the aircraft are spacious, and the plane, in general, has beautiful interiors. The Boeing 767, when compared with 787, is more comfortable. Some of the airlines which use this aircraft at the moment are Delta, American Airlines, Japan Airlines and many more.

4. Airbus A380

This is the third aircraft from Airbus in the list of top 5 planes in the world. The Airbus A380 might soon become a thing of past as the aircraft manufacturer said that they are going to halt the production of A380 because of the low demand. Regardless of this, the double-decker aircraft still is one of the best planes in the world. It is quite a big plane for any airline to make money from but offers a great experience of flying to the customers. The aircraft is very smooth in handling turbulence and has a hushed engine. The only downside of the plane is that it has tiny windows. Also, the boarding process can feel very slow as there are two decks on which people are boarding.

Nonetheless, it is very comfortable to fly on. Some of the airlines which are currently flying it are Air France, Lufthansa, Etihad, Emirates, British Airways, Qantas, and many more. There are more airlines which might include this in their fleet of aircraft in the future.

5. Airbus A320neo

When you look at it, there are hardly any significant differences in the design of the Airbus A320neo from the older A320s. But there are some critical differences between the two which make the Airbus A320neos better. The A320neo has a much larger and powerful engine than its former model and have distinctive winglets. The body has been designed freshly to increase its efficiency. Even though it is not better than the Airbus A350 when you get the A320 as an option, look for the A320neo. You will have a much quieter flying experience with the A320neo than compared to A320. The cabin is studded with modern lighting to keep the environment and mood light of the plane. In addition to this, the engine of the aircraft is very fuel-efficient and releases very fewer emissions. The only downside to the plane is that it is still in the same 3-3 seat configuration for the economy class passengers. Even though the windows are quite large, the person sitting in the window seat will be sandwiched by two strangers. Some of the airlines which currently use this aircraft are American Airlines, Delta, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Frontier and many more.

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