Top Flight Simulator Games You Must Play Once In Your Lifetime

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Everyone loves simulation games. We can’t possibly get to do everything in our lives, but simulation games give us a chance to experience the feeling of doing something real. There are tons of simulation games out in the market today. You can drive a bus, a train or fly a plane whenever you want. To judge if a simulation game is good or not, check how real it feels. One of the most demanded lines of games when it comes to simulation is flight games. Flying an aircraft gives a sort of thrill none of the other games can provide. From proper take off to precise landing, you have to do everything. There are flight simulator games which work with real-time flights as well. The conditions offered to you will be as real as it can get. From the weather to the directions given to you by the control tower, everything will be in the play. Read ahead to find out some of the top flight simulator games you can play.


X-Plane 11 Global Flight Simulator

You are bound to love the graphics of this one. X-Plane 11 Global Flight Simulator comes in the list of our top flight simulator games. The game is very focused on providing real-life experience to the user. It is very detailed and uses an intuitive interface. There are newly updated game effects, combined with 3-D cockpit and 3-D sound; you are going to have a thrilling experience playing it. The game has worldwide scenery so you can fly anywhere with different beautiful views and it also has live airports to make your experience even more real. If you have had a dream to design your airport and aircraft, you can do it with this game. You can download it both on your computer and mobile; the game is compatible with both.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft flight simulator has to make the cut for our top flight simulator games in the world. It is evident that if the resources of Microsoft back the game, it is not going to be a light deal. An interesting fact about the game is that it is one of the longest-running home flight simulator games. The game was initially designed 35 years back and is still updated by the tech giant. You can map out your routes and create your aircraft and fly all over the world with this game. You can’t play this game on your mobile devices. The wild graphics of this game is only best when experienced on a big screen such as your television. The game is now made according to the X-Box. But it is soon going to come for Windows 10 as well.

FlightGear Flight Simulator

When we are talking about the top flight simulator games, and we don't take the name of FlightGear flight simulator, the list won’t complete. This is a free game developed by the FlightGear project. It is being developed since 1997 and now features many airports of the world and landscapes. The best thing about this game is that it’s a multiplayer game.

IL-2 Sturmovik

IL-2 Sturmovik got a cut for the top flight simulator games list because it features some of the best scenes from the World War 2. This game is a war based game, and if you love flying fighter jets, you are going to love this game. The game is being developed continuously and is expected to get further significant updates later this year.

Digital Combat Simulator

Digital Combat Simulator was developed by Eagle Dynamics and was first released in 2008. It is also in the lines of combat flight simulator experiences. The company researched their way through the real fighter jets and made them as accurately as possible with different variables to provide a real-life like experience.

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