TSA PreCheck: Is It Worth Subscribing?

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No one likes to stand in an airport queue. The queues are much worse when they are at a busy international airport. There are a lot of people in front of you, and you have to wait long to pass through. The biggest queue is in the security checking line. Since it takes some time for each individual to be checked upon thoroughly, you have no option but to wait in line for your chance to come. But TSA PreCheck has solved this issue for people. Now you can pass through long queues within a matter of a few minutes. How? Read ahead to find out!


What is TSA PreCheck?

First of all, TSA stands for ‘Transportation Security Administration.’ It is aimed at helping you save your precious time at the airport and be stress-free. So what is this, and how does it work? It is effortless. So, TSA PreCheck is a government program which allows users to sign-up for it, if you are approved, you will be categorised as someone with ‘low-risk profile’ while travelling. Transportation Security Administration is a part of the Homeland Security agency, so you can expect them to be thorough with their profile on you.

In 2019, 93% of people under the TSA PreCheck program only had to wait for less than five minutes. There are dedicated TSA security checkpoints which allow people in the program to pass through faster. Travellers who are qualified to pass through don’t have to go with the usual routine of security check-up. You don’t have to remove your belt, lightweight jackets, or shoes. You can also leave your laptop inside the bag if the bag is 3-1-1 compliant. With that, the bag can contain small amounts of liquid and gels.

How does TSA PreCheck Works?

The program is aimed to speed up the process of security checking and allowing qualified passengers to get out of the line as soon as possible. Security checkpoints can become too crowded, even on regular days. Typically, security checking entails things like removing clothing articles and personal items on which hazardous materials can be carried.

Earlier, shoes used to be the most common tool for carrying detonative in the aircraft to cause explosions. Now, laptops are also checked thoroughly to ensure that nothing is being carried inside it. So once, you become a qualified member of the TSA PreCheck, you don’t have to worry about going through this process whenever you visit the airport. You are verified as a ‘low-risk’ passenger when you qualify for the program, and then the security process becomes faster for you.

How To Sign-Up For TSA PreCheck and Where is it Available?

If you want to sign-up for the TSA PreCheck program, then you can conveniently apply for it online. Fill out the online application form within five minutes and submit it. You will have to schedule an appointment to get approved from the authorities, though. Not everything can be done online. There are around 380+ enrolment centres throughout America right now. It will be a simple background check which will be over in 10 minutes only.

After you are approved, you will be assigned a Known Traveller Number which will be printed on your ticket every time you collect the boarding pass. As of now, there are more than 10 million people who are taking the advantage that TSA PreCheck provides. Throughout America, around 200 airports comply with this program. Along with this, 73 airlines comply with the TSA PreCheck program to reduce the hassle a customer has to go through when boarding a flight.

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