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The passengers in Delhi airport can now enjoy virtual reality shows. Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has launched a mini planetarium near the boarding gate 41 of Terminal III for the purpose. The semi-circular structure has a curved screen that displays life-size cinematic platform to provide real, immersive experiences to the passengers. One virtual reality show can last from seven to fifteen minutes. The facility will be open 24 x 7 for the passengers to enjoy. Currently, eight people can enter for the show at a time due to COVID-19 protocols in the airport. virtual-reality-show-for-passengers-delhi-airport

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The content of the virtual reality shows ranges from roller coaster to urban landscape and ice age. The passenger can choose the topic from the available content. Around 80 people are currently utilizing the facility, according to DIAL. A Hyderabad-based firm specialized in integrating 360-degree virtual reality content for global tourism establishments is the architect behind the solution. Meanwhile, in an unfortunate turn of event, the Congress leader Madhu Goud Yakshi complained about the quality of ink used for quarantine stamping at Delhi airport. He tweeted his complaint in Twitter to the Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri stating “continuous pain and itchiness”.
“Dear @HardeepSPuri, can you please look into the chemical being used at Delhi airport for stamping on passengers coming from abroad? Yesterday I was stamped at @DelhiAirport, and this is how my hands look now,” stated the tweet.
Puri thanked the Congress leader for bringing the issue to his notice. He assured that he would resolve the matter at the earliest. Subsequently, he spoke to the Chairman of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) regarding the issue. Accordingly, the authorities at the Delhi airport informed that they had replaced the batch of ink that has caused the irritation. AAI will take action against the supplier if it finds the ink to contain harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritations. DIAL follows the system of stamping for the passengers who arrive at the Delhi airport from international countries. Domestic passengers do not have to adhere to this process.

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