Vistara and AirAsia Baggage Policies, Differences You Should Know 

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Both of the airlines, Vistara and AirAsia are pretty successful. Vistara being the joint venture of Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines has had a good capital backup since it commenced its operations. Vistara is the only full-service carrier of the nation. Whereas, AirAsia is the largest airline of Malaysia. It covers over 165 destinations in 25 countries and has a big fleet of aircraft. Both the airlines have pretty sweet policies for its premium as well as normal flyers. These airlines have made it clear that their priority is to provide their customers with smooth flying experience. One of the biggest elements for a smooth experience for flying is the baggage policies of the airline in which you are travelling. Here is a look at the difference between both the airline’s baggage policies.


Baggage Policies 

When Vistara baggage policies are discussed, it can be a little complex. Why? Because Vistara has divided its baggage policy into three parts according to the class of the flyer. For Vistara, if you are booking a domestic flight and travelling in Economy class or Standard class, then you are allowed a maximum of 15kg for check-in luggage, but for Flexi flyers, the allowed limit rises to 20Kg. But when we talk about AirAsia, the scenario completely changes. There are no free baggage allowances from the airline. If you are travelling in an AirAsia flight next, make sure that you have pre-booked your baggage according to your wish. There are different rates applicable.

The weight slabs are as follows - 15kg / 20Kg / 25Kg / 30Kg / 35Kg / 40Kg. You can share your checked baggage weight with the people who have booked their flights under the same booking number. These are weights for economy passengers. If you are travelling in the AirAsia Business class, you get free allowance up to 20Kg. You also have to make sure that none of your single bags should exceed the weight limit of 32Kg. There is also size specifications for AirAsia check-in luggage. Your bags must not exceed 81cm (H) x 119cm (W) x 119 cm (D) and 32kg in weight. For Vistara Premium Economy passengers, the weight limit is set 20Kg for lite value and 25Kg for standard fare, but for Flexi fares, it notches up to free 30Kg’s from the airline. For Vistara Business class, if you have purchased lite value tickets, then allowed limit is 30Kg, for standard fares is 35 Kg but for Flexi fare, it is 40Kg’s for free.

Baggage Charges For Vistara and AirAsia

When you exceed the allowed threshold of weight for check-in luggage, you have to pay a certain fee for each Kg exceeded. When you are travelling in a domestic flight from Vistara, and if you exceed your baggage limit, you have to pay Rs 500 for each Kg exceeded if you are travelling in economy class, but if you travelling in Premium economy, then too you have to pay Rs 500 per Kg exceeded, and for the business travellers as well, the charge is Rs 500 per Kg. For AirAsia, if you want to know the charges, you will have to determine the location of your travel first. Yes, AirAsia doesn’t have the clearest baggage policies, but you can still get in contact with their customer support and clear any query regarding the charges they have to pay.

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