Vistara American Express Membership Rewards, All You Need To Know

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Vistara is continuously looking to take advantage of other airlines by providing unique services. The airline understood earlier that they also have to pay attention to their international flights and services. This is the reason why they had already signed five codeshare agreements with some of the major airlines of the world. Vistara signed another codeshare agreement with the German air carrier Lufthansa to expand their international services. The airline has been straightforward with its customers on where it plans to go and how it wants to do that. Providing services such as in-flight dining services and web check-in and some of the best seats for luxury travel has brought Vistara ahead of many airlines in India. Vistara has been planning to bring Wi-Fi connectivity in their flights. Finally, the airline has announced that it will be adding the Wi-Fi connectivity in its new fleet of aircrafts Boeing 787 Dreamliners which are set to be introduced by the airline in February 2020. Vistara will become the first airline in the Indian aviation industry to do so. The full-service air carrier also has its membership program called Club Vistara. Vistara American Express Membership Rewards are something you don’t want to miss out on if you are a regular customer of the airline.



What is Vistara American Express Membership Rewards System? 

First of all, the most obvious thing you can understand from this name of this offer is that people holding American Express cards can only be eligible for this offer. The airline has partnered with American Express membership rewards to improve your flying experience. If you someone who holds an American Express credit card, then if you purchase your flight ticket from this card, you can earn some Club Vistara points. With the help of Club Vistara, you can avail great discounts and offers from the airline. So how does the Vistara American Express Membership Rewards system work? Whenever you earn 3 American Express Membership Rewards points, you can convert them into one Club Vistara point. You can convert your points at anytime you want. You will have to register yourself in the airline’s loyalty club first though by going to Vistara’s website. To register, you can also call on American Express helpline or customer care numbers which are mentioned in the back of your American Express card.

What Should We Know About The Offer? 

There are many things that you should know about the Vistara American Express Membership Rewards. For converting your American Express Reward points to Club Vistara points you will have to log in to your Vistara account and then provide your bank’s customer ID and request for conversion. You will have to decide and let the bank and airline know how many points you want to convert. As soon as you place the request, your points will be credited to your account in 4-5 business days. You should also know about the terms and conditions of the offer.

Once you initiate the transfer request, you can’t cancel it. The Club Vistara points can’t be converted back to the American Express Membership Reward points. Minimum points conversion request that you make has to be of 900 points. It will take around 4 to 5 working days for the points to be credited in your Club Vistara Account. The conversion is allowed on all the American Express cards but not on the cards which are co-branded by the bank. In addition to all this, American Express has the right to alter or modify or remove any of the terms and conditions from the offer without prior notice to the customer. For every point transfer request you make, a nominal fee of Rs 250 will be charged by the bank to the customer except on these American Express cards - Platinum Card, Platinum Reserve Credit Card, Platinum Travel Credit Card, and Platinum Corporate Card.

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