Vistara Cargo Services Provides Efficient Frieght Services Across India

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Vistara is the choice of people who want a luxury feel from their flights. It is a full-service airline. A full-service airline means that you don’t have to pay for extra things such as food and water once you board the flight the way you do for other low-cost carriers. It is the third in line for being a full-service airline in India. Vistara is also the first airline to introduce the premium economy option for its customers. The airline is backed by good management naturally since it is a joint venture of Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines. The one thing that Vistara makes sure about is that their customers should have good flying experience. One of the services that Vistara currently offers and is widely appreciated is the Vistara baby-on-board offer which ensures a comfortable experience for mothers who are travelling with an infant. Vistara also has varied services. One of them is Vistara cargo services. Vistara-Cargo-Services-Provides-Efficient-Frieght-Services  

Vistara Cargo Services To Provide Efficient Air Freight Transportation

Vistara aims to provide excellent services regardless of what they are doing. The aim for setting up Vistara cargo services was to provide the most efficient air freight transportation services in India. The airline believes that service quality, efficiency and reliability are the key contributors for achieving the goal of satisfying their customers. To add to their services, the airline also takes feedbacks from their customers very seriously. The mission with starting Vistara cargo services was primarily to develop price-effective technology for air freight transportation but also meeting the highest level of industry grades.

Vistara Cargo Services Products And Services 

The airline provides a good number of products and services under its cargo division. Vistara cargo services are divided into different sections:
  • Vistara General Cargo Services –

The general cargo service includes the smoothest airport to airport service for several product lines. The primary products include textiles, garments, spare parts, fabrics, documents, and some technological products as well. The general cargo which constitutes the most of the cargo is very expertly handled by the airline.

  • Special Cargo Services –
The special cargo shipments have to be booked with a prior intimation from the customer. It is also subject to availability of space. The products which fall under the category of special cargo are perishable products such as fresh fruits or cut flowers or frozen food items, Newspapers, books and periodicals, Vulnerable cargos such as mobiles, cameras and laptops, medicines, household goods, and unaccompanied baggage. Since the special cargo is easily identifiable, each bag will be sealed very carefully by the airline.
  • Customised Air Logistics Product –
Under the Vistara cargo services, there are a lot of customised logistical services to meet the needs of the customers. These services include online booking and tracking of their shipments, special handling of the cargo marked under the ‘special cargo’ category, and availability of customer care assistance all the time.

Vistara Cargo Services Booking Norms 

You should be aware of the booking norms of Vistara cargo services. All of the cargo which is accepted by the airline is transported as per the IATA rules. The packaging of the products should be of proper standards so that there is no damage to the product while handling it. Shipments which are booked on prime rates will be prioritised over the general cargo. None of the shipments gross weight should be more than 85 kgs individually. None of the dangerous goods is accepted to be shipped by the airline. In addition to this, the palletization of heavy shipments must be done.

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