Vistara Carry-On Plus Allows Passengers to Carry 12kg Hand Baggage

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Vistara is one of the most renowned carriers in domestic aviation. The airline operates in 34 destinations with a fleet size of 35 and holds a market share of 4.7 % which makes it the 6th largest Airline in India. Vistara started the airlines to redefine air travel in India and provide Indian travellers with a seamless and world-class flying experience. To ensure that their passengers enjoy the carrier's hospitality, Vistara offers additional services like Lounge Access, Excess Baggage, Vistara Priority and many more. One of the hottest deals under the Vistara additional benefits is the Vistara Carry-On Plus which will provide the passenger's additional weight allowance for a nominal fee to give them extra comfort and hassle-free journey. Here are all the details you need to know about the Vistara Carry-On plus.



What is Carry-On Plus?

Vistara Carry-On plus is a part of the carrier's additional services which ensures that passengers can enjoy a little more weight than the standard baggage allowance. Under the offer, passengers can enjoy 5kg extra weight in Economy Class and 2kg additional weight on the premium economy in domestic flights. With the offer, passengers will be able to keep their important documents and valuables within easy reach instead of forcing them in check-in. Also, the carrier will ensure that passengers don't have to wait for their baggage claim. If the passengers have opted for Carry-On plus they will only be allowed to carry luggage with extra weight, the physical dimensions of the carry-on must match the standard limits set by the airline. Passengers must note that Vistara Carry-On Plus will be a complimentary service for passengers flying in Business class and members of Club Vistara Platinum and Gold for travel in domestic routes. And, for all the other customer they can enjoy the benefits of Carry-On plus by paying a fee of Rs 240 Per Kg from carrier's official website or at the airport ticket offices and check-in counters.

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Terms and Conditions

Talking about the terms and conditions, the size of the carry-on baggage will remain the same that is 55cms (22 inches) x 40cms (16 inches) x 20 cms (8 inches) and only additional weight will be allowed under the offer. Other than one hand baggage passengers will be allowed to carry personal items like cameras, overcoats or jackets, lady's handbag, walking stick, laptop and many more. One important that passengers must know is Carry-On plus will be valid on all the routes for all direct flights by Vistara except the flights flying from Jammu, Leh and Srinagar. All the fares paid by the passengers under the offer will be inclusive of taxes, and it will be valid for the specific sector it is purchased for, And passengers must book the Carry-On plus for each sector separately.

The additional offer provided by Vistara will be non-refundable and non-transferable and will be applicable to booked customers only. Also, no modifications will be entertained by the carrier post-booking. If there is any change in dates or time, the Carry-On plus service purchased by the customers will be forwarded to the next flight. In any case, Vistara will reserve the right to modify or withdraw the service without giving any prior notice. One important thing passengers must note is that Carry-On Plus service will be applicable in bookings under Economy Lite for travel within domestic routes. And customers can book the service up to 60 minutes before flight departure. Any flight schedules and timings will be subjected to regulatory approvals, and Vistara will hold the right to revise it without any advance notice

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