Vistara Enters Into $ 2.4 Billion Engine And Maintenance Deal With CFM

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CFM International is a joint-venture company between two giant corporates, GE Aviation and Safran Aircraft Engines. Vistara recently cracked a deal with CFM International which is worth $2.4 billion U.S dollars. The deal is for an order that Vistara placed with CFM International for purchasing 26 aircraft engines for powering 13 new Airbus A320 and also for a contract which is for long term engine maintenance for the airline’s Airbus fleet.


Rate per Flight Agreement for Long Term for Airbus Fleet

With the order for engines for its Airbus’s, Vistara also signed a Rate Per Flight Agreement (RPFH) with CFM International which is for a long term basis. Vistara said that the business deal includes the maintenance of 120 (CFM) LEAP-1A engines which are powering 60 Airbus’s of their fleet. According to the terms of the RPFH agreement between the two companies, CFM International has guaranteed every maintenance cost of the Vistara’s LEAP-1A engine on a dollar per engine basis.

Vistara Has Finalised the Leasing Agreement of 37 More Aircrafts

According to the sources, Vistara has finally approved the lease agreement for 37 new aircraft of the A320neo family. In July 2018, Vistara had placed another such similar order for 10 aircraft which are already flying currently. As of now, Vistara has a huge fleet of 23 Airbus A320 and nine Boeing737-800NG aircraft in their fleet. The airline is also planning to start new international routes in Europe and Australia.


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