Vistara Cleaning and Safety Protocols to Keep Passengers Safe

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Vistara, India’s only full-service carrier is following multiple protocols to keep passengers safe during travelling in COVID-19 pandemic. Even though international flights are suspended until March 23, 2021, airlines are flying to different countries under air bubble agreements. Thus to keep passengers safe, Vistara is following a set of protocols. As per a PTI report, the airline has made consuming beverages safe for the passengers by offering it to them in disposable cups. Adding to this, Vistara is now offering one-time use earphones to passengers on short-haul flights. More on the story ahead.


Vistara Making Flying Process Touch-Less to Gain Confidence of Passengers

Vistara has made flying a touch-less experience for the passengers. Passengers need to do most of the things on their own which got done by the airline staff earlier. Things such as scanning of the boarding pass, baggage drops and more things now need to be done by the passengers themselves.

The airline is still using reusable crockeries, trays, and other cutleries. But Vistara is making sure that they are cleaned thoroughly before served to the passengers. To wash all the crockeries and other utensils, the airline is using automated cleaning machines and then air-dry them at high temperature.

One of the spokesperson from the airline said, “Vistara's single-use earphones are made available for the short-haul flights, while the headphones are made available for the medium and long-haul flights.”

The spokesperson further clarified that the headphones are not one-time use. Instead, they are cleaned properly after each use. Adding to this, the blankets and pillows are also washed in hot water using detergents and then air-dried at high temperature.

Along with this, any sort of reading materials which the airline offered has been removed as per the guidelines of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Even water which used to come in cups earlier is now being served in plastic bottles.

Meanwhile, Vistara has also added new flights to Goa from Mumbai and Delhi. Adding to this, the airline is also increasing the frequency of International flights to London from 4 to 5 weekly flights.

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