Vistara Offers Excess Baggage Allowance For International Flyers Check All Details

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Vistara is the finest full-service carrier in domestic aviation. The carrier is the joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata Sons Private Limited. Vistara operates with the goal to redefine air travel in the domestic aviation and provides world-class flying experience to its passengers. Vistara has connectivity across all the major destinations around the globe, and it makes sure their passengers get to their desired destination in the most comfortable way possible. If you’re a frequent flyer, you must know about the strict baggage policies that the aviation sector follows for passenger’s safety. However, Vistara offers excess baggage allowance for international flyers to give them optimum space for their luggage so they can plan a long vacation to their favourite destination without worrying about baggage weight. The excess baggage allowance for international flyers is more than the standard baggage allowance in all flight classes. Here are all the details you need to know about excess baggage allowance for international flyers flying from domestic to an international destination and vice-versa between Vistara and other airlines.

Vistara-Excess-Baggage-Allowance-For-International-FlyersVistara flights to/from International Destinations On One Single Ticket

If the passengers are travelling to international destinations or they are travelling from international destinations with the carrier’s codeshare partners on a single ticket which has mentioned the place of origin and final destinations including any transit points will get the same baggage allowance mentioned in their international ticket regardless of what or as per piece concept.

Vistara Flights To/From International Destinations On Two Separate Tickets Within 24 Hours

If the passengers are travelling in Economy class, Vistara will offer additional baggage allowance on their international tickets and the mentioned allowance in the domestic tickets, up to 23 kgs. Passengers must note that if they made their domestic bookings is made in economy lite fares, then the baggage allowance of economy lite fare will be applicable. Talking about the Premium Economy class, Vistara will allow additional baggage allowance of 23kgs up to a maximum of 2 pieces each. For passengers travelling in Business Class, Vistara will offer additional baggage allowance of 32 kgs up to a maximum of 2 pieces. Passengers must note that the weight of each luggage must not exceed 32kgs and they have to show a copy of their international ticket and boarding pass for the verification at the time of check-in for their flight.

Vistara Flights To/From International Destinations On Separate Ticket More Than 24 Hours

Under this situation, the baggage allowance mentioned in the passenger’s ticket will be applicable. In case if there is any excess baggage more than the mentioned allowances, then Vistara excess baggage charges will be applied at the time of check-in, and the luggage will be checked-in at the Vistara segment only. Passengers must note that for the Excess baggage they have to pay Rs 500 per kg across all the fare categories in domestic territories. Excess Baggage fares will vary in case of international flights. In domestic areas passengers have to pay Rs 8,050 for extra bags and pieces across all flight classes under the maximum permissible limit in the economy and premium economy classes and 32 kgs In business class. Vistara has noted that they will not accept any single piece of baggage more than 32 kgs. In the case of infant passengers, the check-in baggage allowance mentioned in the international tickets will be applicable, which will depend upon the type of tickets. Passengers must also note that all the fares mentioned above will be applicable in Vistara Sectors only.

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