Vistara Flight Change and Cancellation Guide: All You Need to Know

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Vistara is probably one of the most premium air carriers of India. The airline has made a lot of progress considering it has not been in the market for long. Being the only full-service carrier in India gives the airline quite an edge. Vistara is the joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines. It started its services back in 2015. So how did Vistara made such a huge leap? Simple, by providing excellent services and offers. This is the reason why Vistara won the Regional Airline of the Year at 16th Annual Asia Pacific Aviation Awards. The airline is also conscious about the hassle that flyers have to go through when they visit an airport. Keeping that in mind, it launched its web check-in services so that you don’t have to worry about standing in the long queue at the airport. The airline also worries about the safety of its women flyers which is why they have allowed free seat choosing options for women. It also allows its flyers with the convenience of cancelling or changing their flights. Vistara flight cancellation policies are widely appreciated.


Vistara Flight Cancellation Policies

With Vistara flight cancellation you can cancel any flight that you have booked. Just like Vistara, there are other airlines which offer flight cancellation services such as GoAir. Make sure to get a refund, you cancel your booking more than 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your domestic flight and 3 hours before for international flights. You can cancel your flight by going to the airline’s website or mobile app if you have booked directly from the airline. For bookings made with third-party apps or websites, you will have to cancel with them only.

You will be eligible for refunds but the refunds depend on various factors. But taxes that you pay will always be refunded in full. For Vistara Direct flyers, the policies for flight cancellations are a bit different. The same way, if you are a frequent traveller with an erratic schedule, you might find yourself in situations where you can’t board your flights. Cancelling of flights can become quite expensive for such people. That is why the airline also offers its flyers with an option to change their flight dates. Change of flights is also chargeable by the airline. The charges will depend on the kind of flight you have booked and the type of flyer you are.

Vistara Flight Cancellation and Change Charges

For the different category of flights and flyers, different charges apply.

 Cabin Class Economy Lite  Economy Standard    Economy Flexi
 Cancellation Charges    Only taxes refundable .    Rs 3,000  Free up to 72 hours of departure, Rs 3,000 thereafter 


 Cabin Class  Premium Economy Value    Premium Economy Standard   Premium Economy Flexi
 Cancellation Charges    Rs 3,500  Rs 3,000  Free up to 48 hours of departure, Rs 3,000 thereafter 


 Cabin Class  Business Value   Business Standard    Business Flexi
 Cancellation Charges    Rs 3,500  Rs 3,000  Free up to 24 hours of departure, Rs 3,000 thereafter  


These Vistara flight cancellation charges are also only for domestic travellers. Thing to note is that all the unutilized taxes will be refunded in full. Also, these charges are only applicable to domestic travel. For international travel different charges apply for different countries and in different currencies.

Charges for when you want to change your flight are mentioned below:

 Cabin Class    Economy Lite   Economy Standard   Economy Flexi
 Change Fee   No Changes Permitted     Rs 2,500 per change     One free up to 72 hours of departure, Rs 2,500 thereafter   


 Cabin Class    Premium Economy Value   Premium Economy Standard    Premium Economy Flexi
 Change fee   Rs 3,000 per change  Rs 2,500 per change  Two free up to 48 hours of departure, Rs 2,500 thereafter  


 Cabin Class   Business Value  Business Standard  Business Flexi
 Change Fee    Rs 3,000 per change   Rs 2,500 per change    Two free up to 24 hours of departure, Rs 2,500 thereafter  

These charges are also only for domestic travellers.

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