Vistara Inflight Dining Brings You Multi-Cuisine Meals in the Sky

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When we talk about luxury airlines in India, Vistara is always mentioned and rightly so because it provides the most unique and posh services to its flyers. One of the much-appreciated services of the airline is their young offer. Under the offer, the airline will take care of your children in case they are travelling alone. Did you know that the airline is a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines and has already made 15 million flyers extremely satisfied with their services? Vistara has not even been in the aviation industry for even 5 complete years yet, and it has set out plans to commence flying operations to Europe and Japan soon as well. One of the key components that contributes to a smooth flying service when you have a long flight is the kind meal that you have. Vistara inflight dining experience is something the airline pays a lot of attention to.


Inflight Dining Experience Overview

When you talk about inflight meals, one airline you will always talk about is Vistara. The airline provides a very good and healthy range of food items/dishes with the culinary requirement to each of its flying class members. The meals keep on changing every day so whether you are flying for the first time or not, you will not be provided with the same meals over and over again. You are also provided with an option of different beverages, both cold and hot. Alcoholic beverages are also available in the Vistara inflight dining experience. But you are only availed with alcoholic beverages when you are on an international flight. The dining experience is a little different for all the cabin classes.

Business Class

If you love the 5-star dining experience, you will love the meal experience in the business class of the airline. You will be provided with a 3-course meal which will be health-conscious and very superior in quality. There will also be a welcoming drink. You can select from the various cuisine options such as Indian or any other international cuisine. The desserts taste even better with the Vistara inflight dining experience. This is not all, you can complete your inflight dining experience by getting yourself a Starbucks coffee as well.

Premium Economy

Premium economy is not a bad choice when you are travelling with Vistara. It is very comfortable as well. You can just relax and sink into your seat and enjoy the meal that is provided to you. Your inflight dining experience starts with a salad which will make you ready for the main course that follows up. You can choose either from vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals. The main dish will be followed up by the mouth-watering desserts from the airline. You can also select from a range of beverages including the Starbucks coffee.

Economy Class

You would think that Vistara inflight dining experience in the economy class will not be so good. Well, you are wrong. Vistara’s economy class is everything but ordinary. The airline makes sure that the inflight dining experience is very memorable for their flyers. You will be provided with one of the best gourmet meal’s that are provided in any airline’s economy class. Vistara will make sure that you don’t compromise with your health and thus provide you food which is only good for your health. You cannot order the Starbucks coffee in the economy class of the airline. However, you have still availed a range of beverages both hot and cold to meet your mood.

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