Vistara Long Haul International Flights Might Start By Next FY

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International flights are something which most of the governments are still not ready for. But down the line, international routes will reopen and the traffic will rise gradually. Vistara, one of the best airlines in India is also eyeing on expanding its international operations. It hasn’t even been one complete year since Vistara flew its first international flight. The airline is still fairly new to the international flying business. Due to COVID19 pandemic, much like every other airline in the world, it has also had to face some setbacks. But by the next financial year, you might see Vistara long haul international flights become a reality.

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Vistara Long Haul International Flights Depend on Demand

For any airline to start anything, it would require an existing demand of the service. If there is no demand for flights on longer routes, why would any airline invest in it? It is the same with Vistara long haul international flights. As the International routes reopen with time, Vistara will be closely monitoring the demand for International flights for longer durations. Vistara was about to add destinations such as London and Tokyo to its international operations this year. But due to the COVID19 pandemic, nothing could go according to the plan.

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner the Only Option

Vistara got the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft in India. It has even used the 787 Dreamliner on domestic routes of India in the past few months. Apart from the Dreamliner 787, there is no other aircraft in the fleet of the airline which can go for long haul flights. For Vistara long haul international flights to become a possibility, the airline is planning to add three more 787 Dreamliners to its fleet by the end of this fiscal year.

Apart from that, Vistara is also allowing customers flying domestic to book an extra seat for themselves to ensure social distancing. The offer is just announced by the airline and the customers will be able to purchase an extra seat without any cost.

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