Vistara Might Be Flying Cargo Flights Soon

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Vistara is the only domestic premium airline in India at the moment. Just like every airline, Vistara is struggling with generating revenues during the time of lockdown. This is why the airline recently decided that they will consider flying cargo flights as well. Diversifying the revenue stream will help the airline in sustaining all the losses that it is facing right now. As of now, both domestic and international flights for commercial travel is on halt as per the direction of the Indian government. But the airlines are allowed to fly cargo planes carrying essential supplies such as food and medicines. Vistara cargo flights will help the airline in generating some cash flow.

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Vistara Has Put Employees on Leave Without Pay

The further extension of the lockdown period has affected the airline’s cash reserves negatively. That is why Vistara has put employees on leave without pay. The leave is for three days on which no remuneration will be paid to the employees. This move from the airline intends to keep the jobs of the employees safe. There are many fixed costs for the airline, but there is cash inflow at the moment, that is why Vistara might be flying cargo flights soon.

Vistara Is Drawing Plans For When The Operations Resume

Every airline has been updating its policies with which it will resume its operations. Vistara is drawing plans for when the operations resume as well. Starting with removing all the reading material, Vistara will also introduce more measures to ensure that social distancing is maintained during the time of the global pandemic. If any passenger shows symptoms of fever or respiratory illness, he/she will undergo a precautionary check with the airport medical team for COVID-19.

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