Vistara to Not Make Separate Brand for Operating All Economy Aircrafts on Low Income Routes

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Vistara is currently the only private full-service carrier in India, and as we know, the Indian aviation industry has not been really kind to the full-service carriers because of the high operational costs and choice of the consumers leaning more towards the budget carriers. Now making adjustments according to the market conditions, Vistara is ready to make a shift to all-economy configuration for some of its aircraft in the coming months. Somewhere around 50 planes will join Vistara’s fleet in the coming weeks and a handful of them will have an all-economy seating option. 


One A320neo Under All-Economy Configuration Now

Vistara CEO, Leslie Thng has spoken about this and said, "Vistara is at a stage of maturing, which means it is growing in scale, size as well as in creating robust operational processes. We have factored in the operational challenges that may arise from having different fleets and are confident of successfully steering through them.” 

The CEO was also asked whether or not the airline has decided the routes on which it would be deploying this all-economy configuration, to which the CEO replied that the specific routes have not been determined yet. But, we can be sure of one thing that the planes will be deployed on the routes where there is less demand for the business and premium economy class seats, or if the demand for them is seasonal. 

Vistara to Not Go for a Separate Brand 

Currently, Vistara works with a fleet which has a total of 39 aircrafts. Out of these planes, 19 are Airbus A320neos, whereas, 13 are A320ceo aircrafts. In addition to this, Vistara also has seven Boeing B737-800NG aircrafts as well. Right now, one of the A320 Neo which Vistara operates is of the all-economy configuration. However, Vistara has also said that the three cabin offering is its “strongest USP” and it is going to try to offer it on the maximum possible routes. Thng also clarified that Vistara will not be operating the all-economy aircraft under a different business model or a different brand. 

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