Vistara Passengers Can Win Up to 1000 Club Vistara Points: Here is How

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Vistara has got its own loyalty scheme for its customers called Club Vistara. The loyalty reward programme is different than many other programmes out there because instead of based on the number of miles a passengers has flown, the Club Vistara adds points to your account based on the value of the flight ticket. Now, there are many benefits that Club Vistara members enjoy, but here we are going to be talking about the offers through which CV members can get free Club Vistara points.


Welcome Bonus Offer

Under the Welcome Bonus Offer, the Club Vistara members will get 500 CV points on their first flight. This offer would be valid before March 31, 2020. All you have to do is, mention your CV ID at the time of your flight booking.

Club Vistara Points on Direct Bookings

The passengers will be able to win 100 CV points when they book directly through the Vistara mobile app or the Vistara website. The CV points can be used by the passengers to enjoy free flights and upgrades with Club Vistara.

Club Vistara Points on Mobile and Website Check-in

When the Vistara passengers check-in using the Vistara mobile app or the Vistara official website, they will be credited with additional 100 CV points.

Milestone Offer

The Milestone Offer will give the biggest benefit to the passengers. Under this offer, the passengers will get 1000 CV points if they fly on Vistara four times in a Calendar month. The condition will be that you will have to book the ticket directly from the Vistara website or the Vistara mobile app.

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