Vistara Web Check-In Allows Hassle Free Travel to Passengers

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When you opt for a flight from Vistara, you know that you are going to have a classy experience. Recently the airline was announced the winner of the regional airline of the year at the 16th Annual Asia Pacific Aviation Awards. It was also rated the 5-star major airline in the 2020 APEX Official Airline Ratings. It is because of the reputation the airline has been able to build in a very short period. It is a Delhi based airline which is the result of a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines. The airline commenced its operations back in 2015. Since then, Vistara has launched some of the best offers any airlines provide. It thinks a lot about its customers and have launched schemes such as Vistara friends and family discounts and it also allows its customers to cut cakes while in flight. The airline has reported a significant growth in the rate of customers portfolio and noted that they have been able to increase the horizon of their operations very comfortably in the past year. It offers Vistara fly early as well where you can fly in a flight which is departing earlier than your scheduled one. The motto of the airline is to provide their customers with hassle-free flight experience. That is why the airline has introduced Vistara web check-in option.



What is Vistara Web Check-In?

Vistara web check-in is just like any other airline’s web check-in option. Waiting at the airline counter at the airport in check-in queues can be a very physically and mentally taxing experience. That is why the airline went with making the check-in experience smoother for their customers. They introduced the Vistara web check-in which allows the customer to check-in on their flight with the convenience of sitting at their homes.

The web check-in process will only be for people who have already confirmed their flight booking status by completing the payment and have got a fair reservation. You can access the Vistara web check-in facility by logging in on the airline’s website. You will have to fill the mandatory blanks which will ask for the PNR number assigned to you along with some of the identification verification information. Provided you can complete the verification process, you will get the confirmation for web check-in from the airline through an SMS and you will also be provided with a boarding pass which you can manually print out. You can select the seat you wish to travel in. You can also choose the kind of meal that you want to indulge in when in flight. Some of the other airlines offer the web check-in facilities that you can check out.

Vistara Web Check-In Must-Knows

There are some things which you must not forget when opting for Vistara web check-in. You can only initiate the web check-in process before or under 48 hours from the time of your scheduled flight departure. If you are travelling domestically, you must carry with yourself a print out of your boarding pass. You can also check-in your luggage directly from the web check-in facility. So at the airport, you can just directly drop of your check-in luggage at the counter specified by the airline and head for the security check-up. When you don’t have any check-in luggage with you, you can directly head off for the security clearance. If you have any special needs or come under some special category of people such as pregnant, or a student applying student offer, or someone who needs a wheelchair, then you can’t opt for the web check-in service. You must report at the airport 45 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight.

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