Vistara Women Flyer will Provide Exclusive Services for Female Flyers: Check Details

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Vistara is the joint venture between Tata Sons Private Limited and Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) which stands at 6th position in the best airlines in domestic aviation. The carrier flyes in 34 destinations with over 200 daily flights and a fleet of 26 Airbus A320 and 9 Boeing 737-800NG aircraft. Till date, the carrier has already flow 15 million happy customers. To provide a world-class flying experience, the airline offers many add-on services like Vistara Direct, Friends and Family Discount, Corporate flyer for Businessman and Exces and many more. One of the most popular deals under the carrier’s add-on services is the Vistara Women Flyer. It is a significant step taken by the airline, which offers specially designed industry-first service to women travellers. Under the service, Women Travellers will enjoy the hospitality of the carrier specially designed for them. Here is all the information you need to know about Vistara Women Flyer.

vistara-women-female-flyers-exclusive-services-details What is Vistara Women Flyer?

Vistara Women Flyer is a unique initiative taken by the airline through which female passengers can choose their desired window or aisle seat and also enjoy special baggage and transport assistance on arrival which would be completely free of cost. If the women travellers want to opt for Vistara Women Flyer service, they can pre-select their desired seat during booking, or even after booking by clicking on the Manage My Booking tab as well as during web check-in. If in any case, the passengers are unable to book their desired seat the carrier will automatically assign the window or aisle seat to them if they have opted for Women flyer services.

Talking about the luggage and taxis assistance, the passengers can reach out to uniformed Vistara officials at the luggage claim area holding #VistaraWomanFlyer arrival assistance placards. The officials will escort the passenger up to the taxi on their request. The airline always assures their women travellers a comfortable flying experience when they board in Vistara, and it’s also the first domestic airline which offers sanitary pads on flights within India which are bio-degradable and organic sanitary napkins made from plant-based fibres that are free of plastic, toxins and perfume. Vistara, by recognizing the need for of the essential commodity has introduced this service to assure that their women travellers enjoy the comfortable flying experience every time they fly Vistara. The passengers can avail the service by reaching out to the In-flight cabin crew if they want to opt for the service.

Terms and Conditions Related to Vistara Women Flyer

Talking about the terms and conditions, the Vistara Women Flyer will be an optional complimentary service for female travellers flying alone or with children on a Vistara flight. Vistara officials will be present at the baggage claim for all the arriving flights with a #VistaraWomanFlyer placard. If the customers want any kind of assistance, they can reach out to them. Vistara officials will offer luggage assistance upon arrival, escorting the customer till the taxi stand and getting them a taxi from the airport authorized taxi providers at the connecting station.

Passengers must note that the taxi fare expense will be borne by the customer themselves. Once the customer has left the airport premises, the carrier will be free from any responsibilities and liabilities. Passengers must note that all the assistance will be provided to them in Domestic sectors. However, the desired seat selection will be applicable for both domestic and international sectors. Also, the Vistara women Flyer Service will be applicable in India only

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