Vistara Young Star Offers Exclusive Benefits to Young Flyers

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Vistara is the finest full-service carrier of domestic aviation. The Joint venture of Tata Sons Private Limited and Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) works on the common goal that is to redefine air travel in India and provide a seamless and personalised flying experience to their Indian passengers. Since the commencement, Vistara has already flown 15 million happy customers. Being the only full-service carrier in India, Vistara always upgrades its in-flight services and introduce a variety of additional benefits for its passengers. If the passengers want to minimise the waiting time at the airport, they can opt for Vistara Priority Services and enjoy the carrier’s hospitality. Vistara also offers special discounts to passengers travelling in groups with their friends or loved ones to have a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Similarly, Vistara provides exceptional service for its young passengers travelling for the first time. The carrier under Young Star offers special care to unaccompanied minors boarding in Vistara flights. If you’re worried about your child’s safe journey, don’t worry Vistara has got you covered. Here are all the necessary details you need to know about the Vistara Young Star.



Benefits Under Vistara Young Star

Vistara under Young Star offers special services to their young passengers to make sure they enjoy their flying experience. Under the offer, the carrier will not only take care of young kids who are travelling alone, but they will also make sure that the kids feel at home. With the dedicated service, Vistara will make sure children will be taken good care during the entire journey. From the moment they step in the airport premises, the airline staff will escort them through all the airport rituals and will get them seated in the aircraft. The elegant cabin crew of the carrier will keep an eye on them as soon as they board in the flight. Also, children will be handed over to the authorised individual specified in the UM Form at the destination.

Fare Structure of Vistara Young Star

To avail the benefits of Vistara Young Star, parents have to pay Rs 2,500 for each unaccompanied minor if he/she is travelling in India. If the Kids are flying to International destinations, parents have to pay USD 60 to avail the benefits of Vistara Young Star. Parents must ensure that the unaccompanied minor must carry the correct photo identification as it will be mandatory throughout the journey. If the Kids are not carrying the photo identification card, they might not be allowed to board the flight.

Things you must Know About Vistara Young Star

Vistara has noted that all the customers aged between 13-18 years will be regarded as young customers by the airline and they will be allowed to travel if their parents or guardians choose to waive the UM handling of the child by accepting the terms of “UM Assistance and Handling Waiver Form” and signing it. Also, if the parents or guardians wish that their child should be treated as an unaccompanied minor, Vistara will make all the arrangements for the same. Parents or Guardians must also note that the young customer will not be accountable for 5-12 years kids who will be considered as an Unaccompanied minor. If the passengers want to know more about Vistara Young Star, they can contact the carrier’s Customer service centre and clear all their doubts related to the offer. Also, they can enquire about the other special assistance requirement related to unaccompanied minors. Passengers can visit the carrier’s official website search for the Vistara Young Star tab and click on the contact us page to know more information related to Vistara Young Star.

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