AirAsia to Resume Commercial Operations in Malaysian Routes from May 18

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Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia will resume operations on Indonesia-Malaysian routes from May 18. AirAsia temporarily suspended its operations from April 1, 2020, due to the spread of Covid-19. However, the low-cost carrier will resume operations as the situation is getting stable, and the spread of the deadly virus is stopping slowly. Veranita Yosephine, who is the president of AirAsia, noted that since the spread of Covid-19 is decreasing in Malaysian countries, AirAsia will resume flights from May 18. However, the decision will be reviewed, and all the necessary health standards will be followed by the carrier to ensure safe air travel.

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AirAsia has Consulted with Malaysian Government

Veranita Yosephine also noted that the Malaysian Government had been notified about the plan. Since Kuala Lumpur showed a positive trend regarding the spread of Covid-19, AirAsia will resume the operations with all the precautionary measures. AirAsia will operate flights from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur and back to Surabaya. Also, AirAsia will operate from Surabaya to Johor Baru, which will return to Surabaya. Since the carrier has already faced enough losses, operating commercial operations will help the Airline to recover its losses and provide comfortable Air travel to passengers.

AirAsia Will Implement Health Protocols Advised by Government

AirAsia President has marked that all the health protocols which are advised by the Government will be followed during operations. She also added that AirAsia will closely monitor the developments of Covid-19 in both Malaysia and Indonesia. In case if cases will spike in any of the countries, operations will be stopped. Also, face masks and health documents will be made mandatory for passenger who will be travelling. Once the operations are resumed, AirAsia will also look out for other sources to generate capital and maintain the cashflow of the Airline so that the credibility and financial status of the Airlines remain safe.

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