Airbus Believes India Is Going To Quadruple Its Fleet Of Aircraft Over 20 Years

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Airbus, one of the largest airline manufacturers in the whole world, has a keen interest in the Indian market. Airbus Group India Private Limited’s Chairman, Anand Stanley in an interview said that Indian aerospace would require more about 1900 aircraft in the next 20 years. Adding to his comment, he said that these aircraft would comprise of both cargo and passenger flights. As of today, out of the 1900 aircraft in India, 1,440 are used for growth purposes, and 440 aircraft are there to replace the old ones going to retire soon. Airbus is looking to capitalise in this opportunity of building new aircraft but also wants to do good by Indian citizens.


Airbus To Reach A Billion Figure Mark Soon 

Airbus Group India Private Limited has manufactured a lot many aircraft already for the Indian airlines. Currently, it stands at a figure of $650 million. The company believes that it will be soon reaching the billion figure mark as demand in India for flights is going to increase with time. Anand Stanley said that the per capita trips is going to grow at least four times from where it stands at the moment.

Next 20 Years Will Bring An Increase In Air Traffic 

Out of apparent reasons, as the infrastructure and technology improve along with per capita income of the general public in India, air traffic is bound to rise. Anand Stanley believes that India is going to be one of the biggest economies in the world in the next 20 years, and the aviation industry will have to play a significant role in that. Indian air traffic is going to increase by 8.2% in the coming 20 years and to cover that, Indian aerospace needs at least 1,880 new aircraft. Talking about the A320 Neo aircraft engine issue, Stanley said that 200 aircraft have already been updated with the new engines and the remaining ones will be covered before the end of May 2020.

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