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Russia Takes Formal Actions to Prevent Unemployed Pilots Finding Work With Foreign Airlines

According to Russian media, the Federal Air Transport Agency, also known as Rosaviatsia, has taken official action to prevent unemployed pilots from finding employment with foreign airlines. Most foreign flights were cancelled nationwide after February 24, 2022, when Russia began its invasion of Ukraine due to the possibility that leased aircraft might be impounded in accordance with Western sanctions over that invasion. Hundreds of pilots in Russia lost their jobs... Read More

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Delhi Emerges as Leading Asian Hub for Private Aviation in 2021

In 2021, the national capital has overtaken other Asian cities as the primary centre for private aviation, according to research by consulting company Knight Frank. The New Delhi-Dubai route emerged as the most popular in Asia among the 2,267 itineraries matched with New Delhi airport by charter flight operators in 2021, while the New Delhi-Jaipur route saw the greatest growth in the area, as per the study. “Business aviation activity... Read More

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Air India Express to Add Four Boeing 737 Planes by This Year-End to Meet Increased Travel Demand

According to airline sources with direct knowledge of the case, Tata Group-owned international low-cost carrier Air India Express may grow its fleet of 24 Boeing 737 aircraft by four by year's end in order to handle the rising demand for international travel. According to them, aviation is resuming after a number of pandemic-related restrictions were lifted, demand has increased, and dry leasing is a possible way to increase capacity in... Read More

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Jet Airways Appeals to DGCA Seeking To direct SpiceJet to Take Its livery Off Their planes

Jet Airways has requested that SpiceJet remove its livery off the low-cost carrier's aircraft after learning that it misleads the public about the identity of the operator and poses a safety risk. Each airline has a unique livery, which is a particular paint job with a logo that is applied to aircraft. In a letter to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on June 21, Jet Airways stated, "After... Read More

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Mumbai Airport Establishes an Integrated Security Check Point at Terminal 2

Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has set up a "Integrated Security Check Point" in Terminal 2 (T2). All international and domestic travellers would exit through T2, receive a common security clearance at Level 04, and proceed to the appropriate e-gates for the first time at any airport in India at this integrated security checkpoint. Then, every departing traveller goes to the relevant "Security Holding Area" (SHA). The particular... Read More

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Delhi Airport Begins Testing a Full-Body Scanner on Terminal 2

A full-body scanner that can detect things on travellers without the need for a pat-down check is being tested at the Delhi airport's Terminal 2. The scanners were installed at the airport as part of the study. To replace the current door frame metal detectors, hand-held scanners, and pat-down passenger searches for metallic objects, India's aviation security regulator BCAS ordered the installation of body scanners by March 2020 at 84... Read More

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ONGC Helicopter Carrying Nine on Board Makes Emergency Landing in Arabian Sea

In an attempt to land on a corporate rig in the Arabian Sea, an ONGC helicopter carrying nine people, two pilots included, sank off the coast of Mumbai. The Coast Guard and Indian Navy both contributed to the rescue operation. “Four persons rescued by Navy chopper were brought to the base unconsciously and taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, they could not survive. ONGC deeply mourns this tragic loss of lives,”... Read More

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Russia Plans to Invest Over $14 Billion in Aviation Industry

In order to increase domestic aircraft production, Russia has declared intentions to invest over $14 billion in the aviation sector by the end of the decade. Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov said in a televised meeting of government officials that the aim is for 81% of the planes operated by Russian airlines to be domestically made by 2030. Russia is now turning to domestic aircraft manufacture in an effort to... Read More

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Etihad Airways Resumes Direct Flights Between Beijing and Abu Dhabi

Etihad Airways will begin operating the first regularly scheduled direct international passenger trip to Beijing, China, on June 29, 2022. Under the direction of China's Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, a body established in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the service will be resumed. A Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner will fly the once-weekly route for Etihad Airways. On Wednesday at 18:00, the first flight EY 888 will... Read More

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Aviation Industry to Be Set for Period of Turbulence Due to Economic Factors

According to analysts, a number of economic reasons may cause "turbulence" in the aviation sector following the summer vacation boom. It is undeniable that right now, with individuals anxious to escape their COVID-19 suffering after two years, flight traffic is positively soaring. Inflation, the potential for a recession, and Russia's aggression on Ukraine have all raised concerns at this week's annual convention of the Airports Council International (ACI) Europe in... Read More

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Kerala MP Writes to Civil Aviation Minister Concerning Flight Fare Hike From Gulf Countries

In a letter to Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Rajya Sabha representative from Kerala for the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) expressed concern about the unprecedented increase in air fares from the Gulf Countries to India. In a letter to the Civil Aviation Minister, CPI-M MP V Sivadasan wrote, "foreseeing the upcoming surge of passengers, as the Gulf countries are getting into summer vacation and the festive occasion... Read More

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A SpiceJet Aircraft Aborts Take Off From Patna Airport Due to Technical Glitches

On June 25, a SpiceJet aircraft with a destination of Guwahati had to abort takeoff from Patna's Jay Prakash Narayan international airport because of some technical difficulties. This was after numerous instances of aircraft making emergency landings. Former Bihar MLA Bunty Chaudhary, who was a passenger on the flight, posted a video to social media. "The flight was on the runway and about to take-off when the pilots detected the... Read More

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DGCA Suspends Operations at Two Flight Training Schools

Due to unsuitable facilities in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, two flight training schools in India have had their operations terminated. The largest airline in India, IndiGo, has partnered with Chimes Aviation Academy for its cadet programme. IndiGo and Chimes collaborated in 2021 to source its junior flying officers (JFOs). “Operations at the school have been stopped till such time the runway is suitable for flying operations. During inspection, it was... Read More

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Akasa Air Likely to Start Commercial Services by the End of July

According to Chief Executive Officer Vinay Dube, the newest airline in India, Akasa, plans to launch its commercial operations by the end of July and will conduct a proving flight with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of the nation as soon as next week. Vinay Dube said in an interview at the startup airline's office in Mumbai that Akasa, supported by billionaire Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, will probably receive its air... Read More

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