Chinese Air Travel Witness Surge in Demand Post Relaxed Quarantine Rules

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The government of China lifted quarantine rules to facilitate Air travel and regain the lost market share. With the restrictions being lifted, Chinese Air Industry has witnessed massive demand. Nearly flight bookings have been increased by 15 times. However, the reports also state that the increase in flight demands is because of the labour holidays in China. Though China has fought the deadly with everything they got, and it is expected that Air travel trend in China will improve in future.


China had to Cancel 10,000 Fights per Day in February Month

China was the origin of the deadly Covid-19 and the outbreak of the virus hampered every single industry in China. The aviation industry also took a strong hit. As per reports, nearly 10,000 flights were cancelled in the month of February as a precautionary measure. Also, the Chinese government imposed several bans which included a complete ban on aviation operations from virus affected cities to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Also, the US-China operations suffered, and the market witnessed a drop of 86%. As of International operations, the Chinese Aviation Industry almost cancelled 70 % international flights to contain the deadly virus.

Chinese Aviation Industry Might Fully Recover Until 2023

Chinese Aviation Industry is undergoing a positive growth. Though the recovery of the industry is happening slowly, it is expected that the Chinese Aviation Industry will fully recover by 2023. Chinese Aviation has witnessed positive growth in the last two months. The prime reason behind the positive growth in the industry is the lifting of the ban in China and South Korea. It is also expected that global aviation will slowly lift the restrictions once the threat of Covid-19 is neutralised. Since China faced the wrath of the deadly virus early, the nation has started to bloom, and the recovery process has been initiated to recover the Aviation Industry fully.

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