Delhi Airport Terminal 2 Revamped: New Services, More Counters, Amenities and Aesthetics

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Indira Gandhi International’s terminal 3 airport has been highly acclaimed for its amenities, architecture and facilities which it provides to travellers from around the world. It was because of T3 that Delhi Airport has received such positive reviews from around the world. However, T2 or the Terminal 2 was considered to be lagging behind T3 up until now on the aesthetics and amenities front, but with the inauguration of the new T2, that seems to have changed. As per DIAL’s statement, the new revamped T2 boasts of all world class facilities which other airports offer. GoAir, another low-cost carrier, has also shifted its operations to T2 now. Also, travellers would know that Delhi T2 terminal does not cater to international travellers and only serves as the base for domestic flights.


New Services, Redesigned Look and Much More for Terminal 2

Firstly, the change which travellers might notice after the inauguration of the new terminal is that GoAir flights which used to land at T1 C and depart from T1 D have now started operating from T2. DIAL has also remarked that the theme of Progressive India, which has been prominently used in architecting T3, has also been extended to T2. The same is also true for artwork installations in T2 as well, which represent the culture of the country. The newly inaugurated terminal has also more counters in line with more expected footfall in the coming years. DIAL has informed that there are total 80 check-in counters at Delhi T2.

The New Delhi Airport T2 has four entry gates and has been deemed to be "well connected" to the Airport Metro Line. Also, it is in walking distance from the T3 metro station of the Airport Metro line, DIAL has claimed.

As part of the revamping of T2, the baggage handling system has also been upgraded and now it has been revamped to match the modern standards. Also, the new terminal has been designed in a way, that it will be able to handle 12 million passengers per year. DIAL also added that given the circumstances, the terminal will also be able to handle 15 million passengers. As part of the redesigning of the terminal, the colour theme of the check-in counters, retail areas, boarding and washroom areas has also been changed.

T1 Expansion to Follow Next While T2 Handles More Traffic

As per the information outlined by the company which sees over Delhi airport, the new terminal will have dedicated parking in addition to more contact stands and 6 bus gates. After the revamp, T2 will also offer the services of radio taxis and black and yellow taxi like the other terminals. The terminal will now also get inter-terminal connectivity shuttle service.

GMR-led DIAL reported that it spent Rs 100 crore for the revamp of Terminal 2. After this inauguration, DIAL noted that terminal will now use 6 aerobridges to help the passengers get to the aircraft instead of buses. It is worth noting that T2 has been highly used for Haj pilgrimage. As part of this revamp, the airlines using T1 have been asked to shift one-third of their operations to the new T2.

Another thing of importance is that this new revamp comes as part of the DIAL’s Master Plan 2016, as part of which it intends to transfer the load of air traffic from T1 to T2. On the same lines, Terminal 1 will be expanded and integrated (T1D and T1C will be merged). Once the expansion of T1 is complete, T2 will be demolished to make way for a swanky new T4. 

As part of this project, T2 and T3 will handle the air traffic while the expansion work of T1 will take place. Not only that but, DIAL also plans to add a fourth runway to the airport by 2021.

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