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Etihad Airways has announced the Global Student offer. The airline is the flag carrier and second-largest airline of the UAE just behind Emirates. For students who want discounts on their next flight, they can take advantage of Etihad Airways Global Student offer. The Global Student offer is aimed to make travel between home and universities an easier affair for the students. The great thing about this offer is that as the name suggests, it is available throughout the globe. So even students travelling internationally can benefit from it. More on the story ahead.


Etihad Airways Global Student Offer Brings Students Discounts

The Etihad Airways Global Student discount offer brings students discounts. It is not only the students, but the people (family or friends) travelling with the student can also benefit from this offer. 

This offer is available only for a limited period.

For students who want to benefit from this offer, they need to book their tickets before November 30, 2021. The travel period needs to be before September 30, 2021. 

Talking about the discounts that are applicable, there is a 10% discount on the Economy Class tickets booked and there is a 5% discount on the Business class tickets.

The thing to note is that the discount is applicable on the base fare of the ticket. 

The passengers won’t just get a discount on their flight fares, but they will also get extra baggage allowance. So for passengers travelling in the Economy Class of the flight, they will get an allowance of up to 40KG. Passengers travelling in the Business Class of the flight will get an allowance of up to 50KG.

In case the passengers are travelling to/from the USA and Canada, then instead of the extra baggage, they will get the benefit of an additional checked bag. 

There is also a one free date change option available for the passengers. But the flight change should take before 96 hours from the date of departure.

This offer is only available for passengers who are booking their travel directly from the website of the airline. Passengers can use the promo code ‘STU10’ for getting the benefits of this offer while booking their flight tickets. 

One thing to note is that this offer is not applicable on flights which are departing from China and India.

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