GoAir Flyers Can Surprise Their Loved Ones in Air With a Celebration Cake

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GoAir is one of the most beloved carriers of Indian aviation. The Airline started its operations in November 2005 as a low-fare airline to promote air travel and offer flying services without burning passengers pocket and give them a world-class flying experience. The carrier operates more than 325 flights daily and approximately 1800 weekly flights across 33 destinations which includes 25 domestic and 8 international routes. GoAir is widely famous as ‘the Smart People’s Airline’ as it provides a consistent and best quality services to their passengers. Talking about the additional services GoAir delivers a lot of other services like Priority Services, travel insurance and many more to give their passengers an excellent flying time with the carrier. GoAir follows a three structured policy that is punctuality, affordability, and convenience to their passengers to give them a memorable flying experience. To add more to the services and comfort, GoAir has made sure they make your special moments memorable over 35,000 ft too with Celebration cake surprise. Under this offer, you can Pre-book a delicious eggless chocolate cake which will be delivered to your seat. Here are all the necessary details you need to know about the offer


The celebrations over 35,000 ft above with GoAir

If you want to celebrate your special occasion on flight GoAir will make sure your memories are cherished in the best possible way. The cakes will be available under Pre-bookings, and it must be booked at least 72 hours before departure. To book, cake passengers have to pay an amount of Rs 750 and passengers will also get the option to select from eggless and egg cakes. If the passengers are booking a vegetarian cake, it will be fruit cake which will weigh around 500 gms. Passengers must note that once the booking is made the order will not be cancelled and the fares will be non-refundable for any reason. Also, in case In if the cakes are not available on-board passengers can write their feedback at [email protected], and refund process will be immediately processed in the same mode of payment done by the passengers. Also in any case If the customer refuses to accept the cake which is provided by the staff on-board, the entire amount paid by the passenger will be cancelled, and they will not be entitled to any refund process. Apart from cakes, GoAir also provides a variety of inflight meals to passengers to satisfy their cravings on board.

Inflight Meals Offered By GoAir

If you’re a frequent flyer, you must know about the carrier’s hard work to satisfy their passenger’s inflight food cravings by providing a lot of delicious meals, talking about Big bites the carrier provides Sandwiches, Danish Thickshakes, smart kid bag with meal and many more. Talking about hot meals the carrier provides Rava Upma, Poha, Cup Noodles, Vegetable Biryani and Daal chawal to passengers. So no matter if you are a biryani or a Daal chawal person, GoAir has got you covered. If you love continent meals, the carrier also provides a complete spread of protein, fibre and carbohydrates along with the goodness of milk which is a bliss for food lovers. Even if the passengers are boarding for the first time, and they are nervous about their in-flight comfort, they can relax their soul by opting any dishes from quick bites. The quick bites will include cashew nut, popcorn, Bhel, Funza nachos Britannia biscuits and cakes. So if passengers get any sudden cravings, in-flight GoAir has got you covered with their delicious range of Meals

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