GoAir Super Saver Fares Starting at Rs 1,690 for Multiple Destinations

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When it comes to airline travel, there is one word that every flyer looks for and that is “cheap”. The answer of cheap airline fares in India happens to be low-cost carriers like IndiGo, GoAir and SpiceJet. Out of all three, GoAir, the Wadia Group owned airline has been the fastest-growing one and has grown in leaps and bounds in the past year. The airline still continues to grow at a rapid pace as it is adding more aircrafts to its fleet as the days pass. There is no doubt that when it comes to cheap air travel, a lot of passengers look up to GoAir and hence to follow on that path, GoAir has also introduced something called as Super Saver fares. Now, as the name suggests, the Super Saver fares from GoAir will avail some attractive airline ticket prices for the flyers. To know more about the Super Saver fares keep reading. GoAir-Super-Saver-fares What Are GoAir Super Saver Fares? So, firstly, it is important to understand what the Super Saver fares are and it should not be hard to because unlike the different types of booking which the airline offers under different names like Flexi, Lite and more, the Super Saver Fares are nothing but simply the lowest fares possible on a particular route. As you might know, that airlines follow dynamic pricing and there is a chance that when you are booking tickets for a particular destination, you might be paying more than the original fare for that particular flight. However, here is when the Super Saver fares come to your rescue. Flyers booking under the Super Saver fare enjoy the minimum possible fare that is applicable on a GoAir flight on that route. However, passengers should note that the Super Saver fare is only available on the GoAir website or the GoAir mobile application and nowhere else. There is also no sale and travel validity and normal cancellation charges apply on these tickets. GoAir Super Saver Fares List The cheapest flight under the GoAir Super Saver fares include Kannur to Bengaluru which is only Rs 1,690, Kannur to Hyderabad for Rs 2,523, Aizawl to Kolkata for Rs 2,660. One of the other major GoAir routes of Delhi to Mumbai will be available under Super Saver for Rs 2,321, and Delhi to Hyderabad would cost Rs 2,988. International flights like from Mumbai to Muscat would cost Rs 7,513 and from Kannur to Muscat would cost Rs 7,208. Here are all the Super Saver fares from GoAir for the flyers.  
From To Lowest Fare
Aizawl Kolkata  2,660
Ahmedabad Chandigarh  3,874
Abu Dhabi Mumbai AED 280
Abu Dhabi Kannur AED 364
Bangkok Mumbai THB 3256
Bangkok Delhi THB 3268
Bengaluru Kannur  1,690
Mumbai Muscat  7,513
Kannur Bengaluru  1,818
Kannur Hyderabad  2,523
Kannur Muscat  7,208
Delhi Bangkok  6,796
Delhi Mumbai  2,321
Delhi Hyderabad  2,988
Dubai Kannur AED 338
Guwahati Bagdogra  1,861
Phuket Bengaluru THB 3139
Phuket Mumbai THB 4049
Bagdogra Guwahati  1,717
Chandigarh Mumbai  3,888
Ranchi Mumbai  3,524
Jaipur Ahmedabad  2,066
Lucknow Ahmedabad  2,487
Nagpur Ahmedabad  2,342
Nagpur Mumbai  2,500
Patna Kolkata  1,752
Patna Delhi  2,448
  Not only this, but GoAir also has other ways for the flyers allowing them to save money on their next travel. GoAir passengers can opt for the Student Discount, Defense personnel discount and more.

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