Hotels and Malls in Pune Reopen with Standard Guidelines

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Hotels and Malls are about to reopen tomorrow after a period of over 4 months. PMC has lifted the restrictions from opening hotels and malls after almost a month since the Central Government allowed to reopen. Although, the Hotels and Malls will have to operate under strict guidelines of the PMC. Pune Municipal Corporation has made thermal screening mandatory in order to enter the hotel or mall in Pune for every individual. Any person, whether a customer or staff has to undergo thermal screening while making an entry. Also, any person having symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter the Hotel or Mall.


Hotels and Malls in Pune: PMC Makes Aarogya Setu App Compulsory

Along with undergoing thermal screening, it is also compulsory for every person to have Aarogya Setu app installed in their phones. The guidelines from PMC says any person showing symptoms of COVID-19 should be allowed to enter the Hotel or Mall premises. If any person is found with these symptoms, they should be immediately checked by a doctor. The guidelines also say to contact nearby hospital or Health department in such cases. Any person who has come in contact with the symptomatic person should also be checked. Whereas the hotel or mall premises, where the symptomatic person is found should be disinfected.

Restrictions On Game Arena and Theatres

While the restrictions from opening Hotels and Malls has been lifted, the game arena and theatres will remain closed. Also, no person is allowed to enter the food court and restaurants. The restrictions on Game Arena and Theatres will remain intact until further notice from the government. PMC also said that public toilets will be cleaned more frequently and protective gears used by customers and staff will be properly disposed of. Other than pregnant women and people with comorbidities, people above the age of 65 years and children below 10 years are still restricted to enter malls. Malls will have to keep a check on social distancing and are told by the PMC to allow limited entry at a time.

Restrictions On Guests Capacity Of Hotels

Residential hotels and lodges are allowed to use only 33% of its guest capacity. Whereas the remaining 67% should be left for the PMC to use it as a quarantine facility. Curtains and bedding should be changed immediately after disinfecting the room, before allotting the room to other guests. Swimming pools, gym, gaming arena and open spaces will remain closed for everyone. Also, in the waiting area maximum of 15 people or 33% of the capacity, whichever is less, should be allowed.
PMC has made it compulsory for hotels to serve food to the customers in their rooms and not in the dining area. Hotels and Malls should also have COVID-19 guidelines board put up in their premises.

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