Hotels in India: What Changes Are You Going to See?

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COVID-19 has shaken the world and there is no way things are going to return to normal anytime soon. In fact, they might get worse than now. But the world can’t stop, the economies can’t stop. Thus you are going to see changes in almost every service that you used to get before the pandemic. One such service is hospitality service. Hotels in India are reopening slowly. Even though they will have to operate in losses, they must go on. Next time when you book a hotel in India, you are going to notice many changes. Read ahead to find out what they are.


Changes in Hotels in India, Things You Should Know

You won’t be treated with a garland upon your entry anymore. Instead, you will have to agree to a thermal screening at the entry gate. Now when you are picked from the airport, your bags will be thoroughly disinfected before they are kept into the hotel cars. There will be safety kits inside the car which will contain a mask and hand sanitiser. With that, you won’t find valet parking for a while now.

Only online check-ins will be allowed. It will be the same with check-outs. Customers will be encouraged to carry their own pen with them for any paperwork required. Everything is aimed to be contact-less. With that, customers will have to carry a self-declaration form which will ensure that their health is good.

Hotel rooms will be only cleaned when the customers are not there. Regular extensive cleaning will take place with industry-standard cleaning tools. Coming to the heart of the hotel, its food, you won’t find restaurants open in most of the hotels. Instead, you can order and eat from your room itself. But some restaurants have been reopened but they have to follow stringent social distancing norms.

No physical menu card will be served. Everything you need to order, you can do so from an e-menu. Along with that, the payments will have to be made online. There are strict rules regarding not accepting cash for any service. Every payment needs to be online payment.

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