Bangalore Airport Connected With Railways to Ensure Timely Travel

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If you have travelled to Bangalore via flight or you live there then you know that going to the city from the airport and vice versa consumes both money and time. Talks about building a metro connection to the airport has been there for quite a while now and the construction is still in process. But until then, you can take the help of Indian Railways to reach the airport or city faster. Kempegowda International Airport is soon getting connected to the Railways. The station near the airport is on the finishing stage and will be completed very soon. It will help people in travelling cheaper and faster to and from the airport.


Bangalore Airport Might be Connected by August End

Initially, the project of this Railway station was to be completed by the end of 2019. But there were a lot of delays in construction. The global pandemic didn’t help in any way as well. The Railway station is around 5 km far from the airport. To reach the station from the airport and airport from the station, a shuttle bus service will operate. This shuttle bus service will be operated by Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL).

It will decrease the travelling time between the route of the airport and the city to less than an hour. Along with that, it will make the travel cheaper, around Rs 30. Currently, when people board the BMTC buses from Chandapura in Electronic City, they have to pay Rs 320. For boarding a BMTC bus from Hebbal, it will cost the traveller Rs 150 to reach the airport. So Rs 30 will be a huge leap and save a lot of money for people who travel to and from the airport very frequently.

The new train service will also help a lot of staff working at the airport as well. The only issue is, when the service starts, only one train will be running on the tracks in every 30 minutes. This is because it is a single line track. So only one train can be on it at a given time.

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