IndiGo 6E Prime Add-On Service Offers Seat, Snack and Fast Forward Combo Starting at Rs 799

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IndiGo is one of the most beloved carriers in the aviation sector, and it is the largest airline in India with a domestic share of 48.2 % as of September 2019. The airline is known for its services like IndiCombo, IndiGo Promise and many more to give their passengers a feeling of awe while flying, talking about the add-on packages the carrier offers a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience to their passengers with several services. Similarly, the second-largest airline SpiceJet is also providing add-on services to its passengers. One of the hottest deals under the IndiGo Add-ons is the 6E prime services as a part of which passengers will get three-in-one service. Here are all the details under the 6E Prime services which the passengers can avail if they purchase the services.

IndiGO-6E Prime- Services

Benefits Under IndiGo 6E Prime

The 6E Prime Package will offer the passengers three additional services which will include the seat of their choice and in-flight food combo, which will consist of one snack and one beverage and baggage on priority service. Talking about the prices passengers have to pay Rs 799 in case of domestic travel and Rs 1200 if they are flying abroad. Thus if subscribed to 6E Prime, the passenger will get a choice seat, snack combo of their picking along with fast forward service. Also, the 6E prime services will not be available for group bookings. Talking about the availability of 6E Prime services as many as 42 domestic airports and 15 international airports in India and 12 airports outside India, as the point of origin, offer Priority Check-In (Fast Forward) will be providing the services.

6E Prime Bookings And Conditions

Talking about the terms and conditions passengers will not get to select their preferred seats from Row 1, and it will be not available in case of group bookings. If the passengers have not selected their desired meal option, they will be provided with the carrier’s default meal which is available on the flight. If the passengers want to opt for 6E prime services it can be booked through IndiGo’s website (, mobile site and Call centre, either at the time of booking, or at any time thereafter, the passenger must opt for the services at least two hours before the scheduled departure in case of domestic travel and in case of international travel at least four hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

If a passenger has once booked the 6E Prime services, it will be non-cancellable, non-transferable and non-refundable, but if the flight booking is cancelled the fees will be refunded back to the passengers. Also, all the matters related to 6E prime services, IndiGo’s decision will be the final and binding call. The carrier will also reserve the right to modify or replace the terms (fully or partially) with another service and even withdraw the services without any prior notice. Once the passengers have purchased the 6E Prime services they will agree to all the terms and conditions stated by IndiGo which is that all the information given by passengers will be shared with all the travel agents, service providers, employees and it can be further used to send promotional information to the passengers in the near future. Also, 6E Prime will be governed under all the applicable laws in India, and all matters which are related to 6E Prime services will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi.

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