IndiGo Fast Forward Offers Priority Services at just Rs 400

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IndiGo is the largest Carrier in domestic aviation. With the largest fleet size and various flight connections across the globe, IndiGo provides a world-class flying experience to its passengers. The Carrier is known for its add-on services like 6E Prime, Flex, Tiffin and many more. If you’re a frequent flyer, you must understand while boarding the flight there is a lot of waiting time involved. From check-in counter to crowded boarding gates, sometimes passengers have to face unexpected delays which ruins their comfortable travel experience. However, if the passengers are ready to pay a little extra, they will get to enjoy priority services under Fast Forward services Offered by the Carrier which will make sure that their travel experience is not ruined throughout the entire journey. Here are all the details you need to know about IndiGo Fast Forward Service.


Benefits Under IndiGo Fast Forward

Under Fast Forward passengers will get Priority Baggage service in which their baggage will be tagged separately as Priority Baggage, and it will come out first from the baggage carousels. This service is usually provided to passengers in Business class or Premium Economy Class, but with Indigo Fast Forward passengers will be able to enjoy the facilities without burning their pockets. Not only this, passengers will enjoy Priority check-in service under the offer. With Priority services, passengers will be able to save their precious time and minimise their waiting time at the airport and also enjoy their travel without any hassle and discomfort. So, if the passengers are looking forward to board in IndiGo and enjoy the Carrier’s hospitality, they must surely opt for IndiGo Fast Forward service.

Charges of IndiGo Fast Forward

If the passengers want to opt for IndiGo Fast Forward Services, they have to pay a nominal fee to avail the offer. If the passengers are boarding in domestic flights, they have to pay Rs 400 per passenger and sector to avail the service. And, if the passengers are flying in international routes, they have to pay Rs 600 if they want to enjoy the exclusive benefits of IndiGo Fast Forward.

Things You Must Know Before Booking IndiGo Fast Forward

Before you book your IndiGo Fast Forward service, there are certain things which passengers must be aware of while opting for the service. IndiGo has noted that the Fast Forward Service will entitle the passengers to Priority check-in and Priority Baggage service along with Priority Baggage pick-up for travel in specific sectors. Also, the service will not be applicable in group bookings. Passengers must note that all the fares paid by them for the service will be inclusive of taxes. Passengers boarding in International flights must note that Fast Forward services will not apply to the immigration process, priority at the aerobridge gate or priority for security checks.

In case if the passengers are travelling with Infants, they won’t have to buy the Fast Forward Separately for the Infants. Once the service is booked, tickets will be non-cancellable, non-transferable and Non-refundable. Only if the flight ticket is cancelled by the passengers, the relevant charges will be refunded. In the event of a no-show, only the applicable taxes amount will be refundable to passengers. IndiGo has also noted that they will reserve the right to change, modify, alter or replace the Fast Forward Service with any other Service at any time without giving any prior notice to the passengers. In every case, all the decisions related to Fast Forward Service, IndiGo’s decision will be final and binding. In any cases of disputes, all the matters related to the service will be governed by Courts at New Delhi.

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