IndiGo Plan B Will Allow You to Make Flight Changes for Free In Case of Delays and Cancellations

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Sometimes because of weather, insufficient crew, missing pilots, or any bizarre circumstances you might be stranded at the airport and your flight might not be anywhere to be seen. Aviation is one industry which adheres to timely take-off and departures in most cases, but sometimes even the airlines cannot help the natural circumstances and there are delays or cancellations in flights. The most inconvenience is taken by passengers only. It is quite a possibility that you might miss some important work, or a family function because of such unprecedented situations. In these cases, your airline must come to the rescue. For the passengers, it does not make any sense to spend more to get a new ticket and reach their destinations. Luckily for the IndiGo passengers, there is a plan B available always. The fun part is that the name of the service by IndiGo which will help them out in such cases is also “Plan B”. IndiGo Plan B will help the passengers in changing the time or date of their flight without any additional cost in certain circumstances. 



Free Flight Changes on Plan B

IndiGo has detailed that in case, the passengers’ flight has been cancelled, or if their flight has been brought forward by 1 hour or more from the scheduled time of departure or lastly, if their flight has been postponed by 2 hours or more, for travel beyond 48 hours, then the passengers will be able to change the time or date of their flight without any additional expenditure. The passengers can avail a flight on a later date or on the same day at a later time to make up for their lost flight. 

In case you are stranded, and either of the three things has happened with you - your flight got cancelled, preponed or postponed, then you must go to the IndiGo Plan B page. It is worth noting that the official website for this is the On this website, you will have to enter your booking reference number on the lower side of the page along with your email address or last name. On doing this, you will get a menu from where you would be able to change your flight booking, the date and the time of your flight easily without any cost.

IndiGo Flexi Fares for Flexible Bookings and Free Changes

IndiGo fliers should also note that in case you are uncertain about your travel dates and it is likely that your travel plans might change up to the last minute of your flight, then there is something known as Flexi fare that you can go for. While there are other affordable fare options on IndiGo flights like the Lite fare, the Flexi fare is something that will allow you to change your flight date and timing, as many times you want without any additional cost. This is a little different than Plan B, where the flight cancellation or time change happens because of unavoidable circumstances. But, in case you are choosing the Flexi Fare, it is because the passenger is unsure about their travel plans. 

Must-Know Things About Flexi Fares

There are, however, somethings that you must keep in mind that while choosing Flexi fare, the cancellation charge is still there. Meaning that the passengers will have to pay upwards of Rs 3,000 and upwards of Rs 6,000 if they want to cancel domestic or International flights. As for the change in bookings, the passengers can make changes to their booking up to 2 hours prior to the domestic flights or 4 hours prior to the international flights. 

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