ITC Welcomhotel Bangalore: Redefining 5-Star Hotel Experience

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Bangalore has become a very attractive business hub. It is one of the largest cities of India and is also known as the Silicon City of India. There are many 5-star hotels in Bangalore, but the hotels from ITC — Gardenia, Windsor, and Welcomhotel are few of the best you will get in any part of India. ITC is known for its excellent standards and it is no surprise that its hotels are considered as few of the best hotels in Bangalore. We are going to be focusing on the ITC Welcomhotel today. Read ahead to find more about the hotel.

ITC Welcomhotel Bangalore

The ITC Welcomhotel will give you an experience of modernism. Everything inside the hotel is carefully picked and designed to give customers a very vivid experience of everything. Whether you are dining at the hotel or partying or sitting in a meeting, you will not go him dissatisfied from the hotel’s services. There are privileges of booking your room directly through the hotel’s website. You get free Wi-Fi with 8 Mbps speed. You can use your ITC Club points to make full payments for bookings and more.

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Accommodation is always a treat with ITC Hotels. It is the same with this impressive 5-star hotel ITC Welcomhotel, you get six different options of rooms to choose from. Of course, the rooms are subject to availability. Starting with the Deluxe Room which is 31 square meter and can accommodate up to 2 adults. The Deluxe Rooms are located in between the 14th and 15th floor of the hotel.

Coming to the Superior Room, it is the same size as of Deluxe Rooms. The only difference is that these rooms are on higher floors (16th and 17th) giving a higher view of the city. In this room as well, only two adults can stay at a time. Then there is the Club Room, it is again the same size as the Deluxe Rooms. Located in 18th and 19th floor of the hotel, they can also accommodate two adults only.

The suites of the ITC Welcomhotel are as iconic as you can expect. Starting with the Deluxe Suite, it is 49 square meters in size and is located on the 19th floor. It can also accommodate two adults at a time. The Executive Suite of the hotel is again on the 19th floor and can accommodate two adults only. The most expensive suite of the hotel - Cubbon Suite is 140 square meters in size. It is located on the 19th floor only. In this room as well, only two adults can stay at a time. So in none of the rooms of the hotel more than two adults can stay in a single room.

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Dining, Wellness, and Events/Meetings

For dining, the customers have the option to choose from four different restaurants in this 5-star hotel — Welcomcafe Jacaranda, Mahjong Room, My Space, and Swizzle. All of these restaurants have something unique about them. The themes of the restaurants are different and thus the kind of food served is different as well.

Where wellness is concerned, the customers of the hotel can visit the ‘Kaya Kalp - The Spa’, to relax and let go of all the stress. Kaya Kalp - The Spa is present in many ITC hotels and has a reputation for providing excellent massage services.

If you are planning on hosting a party/event or a meeting, you can do that in the ITC Welcomhotel. There are two different meeting rooms, one is slightly larger than the other. Depending on your requirement, you can choose. For hosting a party/event, there are two Banquet halls as well.

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