Kolkata Airport to Now Witness 101 IndiGo Flights Daily

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No-frills carrier IndiGo has crossed the daily flight mark of 100 in Kolkata airport. IndiGo airlines, owned by InterGlobe Aviation is the airline with the highest share in the country. With the recent addition to new flights, the airline has finally managed to break the 100 daily flights mark in Kolkata airport. Notably, IndiGo started three new flights last weekend, which has pushed the total count of IndiGo flights in Kolkata airport to above 100. The second carrier on this list is SpiceJet which right now operates 25 flights from Kolkata airport. It is also interesting to note that the total daily flight count of IndiGo in Kolkata airport surpasses that of all the other airlines combined.


The rise of IndiGo has been a slow one over the period of 12 years. The airline first started operating from Kolkata airport on August 30, 2006. The carrier’s 25th flight was to Mumbai whereas the 50th one was to Delhi. The 50th flight by IndiGo at Kolkata airport flew to Delhi and the 75th one was to Bangkok in December 2012. Finally, on Saturday IndiGo crossed the 100 daily flight mark in Kolkata airport with a flight departing to Hyderabad. The 101st flight by the carrier was to Surat. On September 16, IndiGo also plans to start a new flight to Singapore from Kolkata airport only. Starting September 2, IndiGo also launched a discount offer under which it is offering discounts on 26 flights from Kolkata, and other cities as well.

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Kolkata Airport - A Big Milestone for IndiGo

Years ago, Air India, the government led carrier was the one to have the most flights out of Kolkata. Slowly the competition between Jet Airways and Air India grew as IndiGo stepped into the industry and IndiGo chief commercial officer William Boulter said, “IndiGo has had a great run in Kolkata and it is definitely a special milestone to reach a hundred flights per day.” He added, “We are very thankful to receive all the support from the airport community and our passengers.” In the last half decade, the airline announced that it has managed to carry 16.9 million passengers into Kolkata and has flown 16.2 million.

Chennai to Follow on the Lines

The airport in Kolkata is a special milestone for the no-frills carrier as it is the first AAI operated airport to cross the 100 daily flight mark for IndiGo. Chennai became the second airport on that list to qualify the 100 flights mark. In airports like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, which are privately run, the airline already has more than 100 flights daily.

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