Ministry of Aviation to Rank Airline Services based on Customer Feedback

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As a means to improve the quality of the airline services in India, Union Minister for Aviation Mr. Suresh Prabhu has announced the plan to rank airlines in India based on the quality of the service they provide to the passengers. He revealed the plan while launching the mobile application AirSewa 2.0, an upgrade of the ministry’s portal for consumers.

Suresh Prabhu presenting the AirSewa Champion Award to Chennai Airport
Suresh Prabhu presenting the AirSewa Champion Award to Chennai Airport

The parameters that decide the Quality Council of India will devise the quality of airlines. AirSewa application has the option where the passengers can enter the feedback about the airline service provider they chose to travel, and this will also be considered for ranking the airline’s quality.

Mr. Suresh Prabhu, along with his deputy in aviation ministry Jayant Sinha is active on social media platforms; and take comments and opinions from the people via them. According to Sinha, his social media message boxes are flooded with messages from the passengers who face various issues from the airlines. The volume of the complaints received is too large that the Government has finally decided to make a systematic method of registering grievances and redressing them through AirSewa app.

Sinha also revealed that AirSewa 3.0 would be soon launched and it will have provision for ‘Digi-Yatra’ promoting paperless travel for domestic air travel. The ‘Digi-Yatra’ is expected to begin with Bengaluru and Hyderabad, and will soon be followed in places such as Varanasi, Pune, Vijayawada, and Kolkata.

What is AirSewa 3.0 ?

The government further explores the possibilities to include facial recognition-based biometric for unique Digi-Yatra ID. The passenger can generate a unique ID for Digi-Yatra by providing his details on AirSewa 3.0 and use this unique ID to book tickets. While visiting the airport with Digi-Yatra linked air ticket, the passenger will require to show the ID card used to generate the unique number. The people who use Aadhaar number can proceed to perform online verification.

For regular travellers who use Digi-Yatra service frequently, they will scan the code of their e-boarding card to validate the passenger and flight details. Digi-Yatra ID will verify this further using face recognition. On confirmation, the e-gates will open and allow the passengers to access various points. The whole process will make the domestic boarding paperless, according to Sinha.

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