SpiceJet To Deliver Essential Items with Drones in Remote Areas

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SpiceJet is always trying to innovate its services. Recently, SpiceJet announced that it has got the clearing from DGCA to conduct drone trials. SpiceXpress, the freighter arm of SpiceJet is looking to deliver essential items to people living in remote areas with the help of drones. But first, the airline needs to prove that it can do that effectively and all the safety concerns are met. It will be beneficial for meeting the social distancing norms which are the need of the hour. It is the best way to deliver items in a contactless manner.

SpiceXpress Consortium to Lead the Trials

A SpiceXpress consortium submitted an application to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for conducting tests beyond visual line of sight (BYVOS) of remotely controlled aircraft or drones. The DGCA approved of the tests giving SpiceJet the flexibility to innovate even more with their cargo services. The consortium of SpiceXpress includes — AeoLogic (a software and analytics firm), Involia (provide of air traffic awareness and collision avoidance services), and Throttle Aerospace (which is a drone manufacturing company).

Drones to Make Cargo Deliveries Cost-Effective for SpiceJet

Usage of drones will be a huge leap in getting the last mile connectivity and also making deliveries cost-effective. It is not only good for the deliveries of essential cargo but also the non-essential ones. This will further lead to airline saving a lot of its money.  SpiceXpress has eight dedicated cargo aircraft comprising of three Bombardier Q400s and five Boeing 737s.

Once the trials are over, SpiceJet aims to use drones for providing a faster and cost-efficient method of delivering essential stuff such as medical supplies to the ones in need. The main focus of the airline will be to deliver essential stuff in remote areas. It will help SpiceJet to achieve the last mile connectivity status which no other airline has at the moment. Usage of drones will forever change the way people get their deliveries and it will also affect the e-commerce platforms.

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