AirAsia Premium Up Facility To Boost Customer Expectations

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AirAsia has been one of the most prominent airlines in India in the last few years. The airline has been nothing but constant and innovative with their services. Customer satisfaction is the main goal for any business and AirAsia has been very good at it. Whether you want to enjoy luxury in the AirAsia red lounge or you want to enjoy tasty inflight meals, the airline has got you covered. AirAsia provides some of the most flexible flight tickets cancellations and changes policies. Almost everything you can do with the airline will feel very convenient to you because AirAsia has put your comfort in their services before anything else. The biggest news that came to highlight a few days back was that the AirAsia India will now be independently controlled by the famous Indian company Tata. Since Tata has 51% stakes in the airline's Indian counterpart, this does not seem like a piece of surprising news. You will be likely to see better changes in the airline’s services and management now. As mentioned above, the airline looks for its customers comfort before anything else. This is why there exists the AirAsia premium up facility.


What Is AirAsia Premium Up Facility?

The AirAsia premium up facility is an attempt from the airline to boost customers expectations. People who like to travel in style and luxury can easily opt for this option because of the services that it entails. Premium up is a facility which provides you with an option for upgrading your flight ticket from economy class seats to premium flatbed seats. You just have to pay a fee for it. You also get to save a lot of money in some great deals when flying to certain destinations. So how do you upgrade your ticket? Just go to the airline’s website and look for the premium up option. Click on it and you will be redirected to a new page. Just enter the booking/PNR number assigned to you along with your last name. Then you will be asked to pay a certain amount depending on the flight you are going to board. Pay it and you are done.

What Does The AirAsia Premium Up Facility Include? 

There is not one, not two, but more than 10 additional services that the AirAsia premium up facility includes. To start from the most basic one, your economy seat will be upgraded to the premium flatbed seats of the airline. You also get an increase in the baggage allowance. With the premium up the upgrade, you can carry 40 Kgs of baggage with you. So you don’t have to hold back on packing now. A dedicated counter for premium up customers is located in the airport so you don’t have to queue up in a line. In addition to this, you get to board the flight first. Eating is something we all are very curious about. AirAsia will provide their premium up customers with free/complimentary meals and beverages in-flight. Your baggage also gets the priority when you reach the destination. The best part about it is that you get to pick the seat of your liking and for free. There are 12 flatbed seats you can choose from. Of course, they are subject to availability. The airline will provide you with a pillow and duvet so you can very comfortably stretch out your premium flatbed seat and sleep on it. If you want to pass your time watching movies or television shows, you also get Xcite inflight entertainment facility along with Sony noise-cancelling headphones. Your travel will be automatically insured by the Tune Protect. Another exciting thing about the AirAsia premium up facility is that it gets you the pass for AirAsia premium red lounge.

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