American Airlines To Provide Protective Gears For Customers

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American Airlines has been doing its part in helping people during the time of the global pandemic. The airline recently donated 25,000 meals to the local communities in America to help them. Things haven’t been the easiest for the airline given the low demand for flying in the global aviation industry at the moment. But the airline is ready to serve the customers and make their flights very safe. American Airlines is going to be providing customers with protective gears. Flight attendants will be wearing face masks as well and will be carrying sanitisers with them to ensure that their hands are clean always. This is to make the customers feel safe in the presence of the aeroplane crew.


Personal Protective Equipment 

American Airlines is also going to be providing its customers with protective equipment. These will be sanitising wipes/gels and face masks. Each of the flight of the airline will have these facilities to ensure that their passengers have a safe flight. American Airlines doesn’t want its customers to fly with fear on their mind. The airline has also introduced social distancing rules for its passengers. But everyone is getting around to the fact that blocking the middle seats of the plane doesn’t help much with social distancing. It is not possible like that.

American Airlines to Clean Planes Extensively

The airline has always met the requirement for cleaning the aircraft set by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The airline also ensures that the air in the cabin is always changed between 15 to 30 hours. Each of the aircraft of American Airlines is equipped with the High-Efficiency Particular Air (HEPA) filters. The cleaning frequency of the airport areas under the airline has been increased. At the same time, the airline is paying more attention to cleaning the aircraft extensively before new customers board the plane every time. From armrests to the seatbelt, everything is going to be cleaned.

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