Boeing 737 Max Goes Back to the Sky, Huge PR Efforts in Place

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Boeing 737 Max recently took to the skies with journalists and media personalities onboard. The aim behind this flight for Boeing was to demonstrate the safety of the aircraft which has been banned from the skies for 20 months now. Budget airline Ryanair, showing its confidence on the return of the aircraft has expressed its willingness to place an order of up to 75 additional Max 737 jets. This was the first time since the ban was put in place on the aircraft that apart from regulators or the industry personnel, anyone else flew on it — more details ahead.


Boeing 737 Max Flies from Dallas to Oklahoma

According to a report from Reuters, on Wednesday, an American Airlines 737 Max took flight from Dallas, Texas, to reach Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is worthy to note that the first commercial 737 Max flight is scheduled to take place weeks later on December 29, 2020. It is an effort from the plane manufacturer to boost the confidence of passengers on the aircraft.

For the unaware, Boeing 737 Max was grounded back in March 2019 after two of the jets went down resulting in fatal accidents. It was just last month that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cleared the aircraft new training and design changes.

Boeing and some of the major airlines across the world are counting on a successful comeback of the 737 Max aircraft. This is because the airlines and some other companies have spent billions of dollars on buying the new 737 Max with design changes and new software.

The aircraft manufacturer, Boeing is also planning to invest heavily in the public relations domain for the 737 Max. This is to enhance the image of the aircraft in the eyes of the passengers.

A Boeing spokesperson said, “We are continuing to work closely with global regulators and our customers to safely return the fleet to commercial service.”

A special media event is on the plans by Brazil’s Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes. The PR efforts will highlight the design changes and the software upgrades that the latest 737 Max will come with.

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