British Airways Executive Club Frequent Flyer Program: All You Need To Know

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With the British Airways Executive Club Frequent Flyer Program, you can earn Avios reward points whenever you fly with the airline or its partners. These points can be redeemed for hotels, upgrades, flights and more. So how do you join the British Airways Executive Club Frequent Flyer Program? Well, you can join the club for free, there are absolutely no charges at all. You just have to visit the airline’s website and fill in the online application form, and you will be all set. If you are an Australian, you will have to register through a relative who is living in the UK. When you sign up for the program, you will be assigned a membership number. You will use this number to login to your account and also quote it while booking flights or claiming Avios reward points. In case you lose the membership number you don’t have to worry, the airline will provide you with your number through email. You can also get in touch with the customer care of the airline to sort out any of your problems.


How To Earn Executive Club Avios 

For flights which you are booking with British Airways, you will earn Avios points. The number of points which you earn per flight booking depends on the kind of flight that you are booking and the amount of the base fare. But you will earn a minimum of 125 Avios per flight. There is also an Avios calculator on the website of the airline which you can use to see how many Avios you will earn. You can also book a flight with partner airlines in the Oneworld Alliance. In addition to this, the number of points which you earn also depends on the kind of tier you are in. If you are in the Bronze tier of the program, you will earn 25% bonus Avios, for silver members, it is 50% bonus Avios, and for Gold members, 100% bonus Avios.

Benefits of The British Airways Executive Club Frequent Flyer Program

There are many benefits of the program. Whenever you book hotels which are partnered with the airline, you earn Avios points. There are more than 12,000 hotels which have partnered with the airline for this. Also, if you go for car rental services, you can earn Avios points. Airport parking and Valet parking expenses can help you earn Avios points as well. In case you want to gift Avios points, you can do that as well. Just buy them directly from the airline and gift it to your loved ones.

Redeeming Avios Points and How To Reach Different Tier

Starting with reaching different tiers, you need certain points to reach each of them except the Blue tier. For the Bronze tier, you must have 300 tier points, and you must board at least 25 British Airways flights. For Silver and Gold tier, you should have a minimum of 600 and 1,500 tier points. For Silver tier, you must board at least 50 flights of British Airways.

Redeeming points is not a complex job. You can just use them while booking flights. If you have already booked your flight with cash, then you can use these points to upgrade your flight. You can also use these points to book hotels and get discounts on Hotel services which are partnered with the airline, although it is important to remember that the points expire as well. Your points expire in a matter of 36 months so ensure that you redeem your points before the expiry date.

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