Delhi Airport to Work with Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology for Safer Air Travel Post Lockdown Period

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Delhi Airport is all set to resume commercial operations with all the precautionary measures to eliminate the threat of the deadly Covid-19. Delhi Airport is using Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology to disinfect the Airport premises. Mobile towers, handheld torch and baggage tunnels that deploy UV rays are being used by Delhi Airport to fight back the deadly virus. The UV power is being used strategically by the Airport authorities, and they are manually relocated to other areas after disinfecting a particular area.


Passengers Can See Disinfection Process with Live CCTV Cameras

DIAL has stated that live CCTV cameras will show the entire process UV scanning process which is located at the baggage reclaim hall. UV tunnels have also been installed in the terminal 3 of the Delhi Airport to disinfect the passengers' luggage. CCTV cameras videos have been specially made live for passengers arriving at Delhi Airport to ensure that they see the entire process of sanitisation of their luggage.

Delhi Airport has Installed Special Shoe Sanitiser Mats

Shoes can be one of the potential holders of the deadly virus. To ensure that passengers footwear is appropriately disinfected, Delhi Airport has placed special shoe sanitiser mats which will adequately disinfect the shoes of passengers arriving at the Airport. The mats placed by Delhi Airport contains special chemicals which will kill the virus.

Sensor-Based Machines Will Ensure Contactless Usage

Delhi Airport is making sure that passengers don’t spread the deadly virus. To ensure that special sensor-based taps have been installed at washrooms along with foot-operated sanitised dispenser. Not only this, but water drinking machines are also based on sensor technology which will ensure contactless usage. Delhi Airport has been making sure that passengers enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free journey. All the precautionary measures taken by Delhi Airport meet the norms which have been advised by the government to contain the deadly virus.

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