Emirates Boeing 777: First Class, Business Class, & Economy Class

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Emirates Boeing 777 planes have flown over a billion-plus kilometre already. The airline has been operating Boeing 777 since 2004 and has conducted more than a million departures. An interesting fact about the Emirates Boeing 777 is that it has flown the longest distance of 12,940 Km and the shortest of just 349 Km. Emirates flies its Boeing 777 planes in 6 continents and has helped 298 million passengers to reach their favourite destinations. Coming to the destinations, the Emirates Boeing 777 flies to over 119 destinations around the world. Currently, Emirates has 155 Boeing 777 in its fleet and is planning to add 126 more of the aircraft. An interesting thing about the Emirates Boeing 777 is that it has the world’s largest twin-engine jet. It is made of more than 3 million parts provided by over 900 suppliers. There are three main cabins inside the plane - First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class Let’s have a look at what the plane feels like from inside.


Emirates Boeing 777 First Class

The front cabin of the Emirates Boeing 777 has First Class seats. If you want to travel in the closest thing to a hotel in the sky, you will have to try out the First Class of the Boeing 777 of Emirates. There are six suites in the First Class cabin of the plane and they are the definition of luxury. Then you get a minibar, at-seat wardrobe, binoculars, and a facility to convert your seat into a zero-gravity bed, that’s right, you can recline your seat.

There is an amenity kit provided as well with skincare products. For entertainment, you can use noise-cancelling headphones and pass your time listening to your favourite music.
All of your culinary needs will be taken care of as well. There is a very big menu of dishes that you can choose from and get some of the most exclusive and finest wines in the world.

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Emirates Business class

With the Emirates Boeing 777, the next best thing after the First Class you can enjoy is the Business Class. The seats of the Business Class is in a layout of 2-3-2. The seats do provide ample privacy with the large dividers in between. You can convert your seat into a lie-flat-bed which is very good for long haul flights. It doesn’t matter if you are a tall person, you will be able to sleep comfortably in the bed.

There is an at-seat minibar of course which is very much similar to the minibar of First Class. But you won’t get the same menu as of First Class cabin.

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Emirates Economy Class

The last cabin option which you get with the Boeing 777 is Economy Class. Seats in the economy class of the airline are in the configuration of 3-4-3. These are not going to be as good as the premium economy of the airline though which are about to launch this year.

But there is an excellent entertainment system to keep you happy throughout your flight. ICE is the entertainment system of Boeing 777 Economy Class. You will have a wide variety of content in the ICE entertainment system to keep you happy for several long-haul flights. But these Economy Class seats aren’t like other airlines Economy Class seats. These are even comfortable for the long haul flights.

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